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I found a great compromise: I group my books by language and type; each occupying at least one shelf. Each language-type group is then sorted by color. I will still know in which part of my collection to look (and searching through that particular subset doesn't take that much time), but I've still reduced the visual clutter.

Really, It's Ok to Arrange Books By Color Slate
2/13/14 12:52 PM

When I grew older, my mother an I decided to omit the christmas tree as well. We still wanted to display all the pretty ornaments that we bought over the years, so we bought an Advent wreath (pretty cheap when you get them mid-season) and attached a lot of colorful ribbons to it. Then, we hung it up under the ceiling and attached our ornaments to the ribbons.
This solution may not be kid-friendly, but I love it (and it's growing more beautiful every year!) and it's certainly a lot less messy.

DIY Christmas Tree Alternatives
12/20/13 02:57 AM

I have a teeny-tiny hallway and I'm on a budget, but I wanted some seating for putting on my shoes. So I got a beer crate from one of my favourite breweries (Störtebeker, they have a particularly nice design), turned it so you can sit on the short side and the bottles are sticking out horizontally and put it under my coat rack. It does the trick quite well, looks nicer than your usual cheap IKEA stool and is a nice way to store returnable bottles before I, well, return them.

Simple Update Idea: Chairs in Hallways, Even in Small Homes
10/17/13 04:04 AM