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#4 is not for the faint of heart.
I'm an architect and found being my own G.C. very stressful.
Being able to take time off or hire someone to manage/drop by your site is key. We left a lock box on our house and it worked well, but not everything was built to our expectations as I was not there during the day and there is only so much that could be reworked in the tight time frame we had.

5 No-Regrets Ways to Safely Skimp on a Home Remodel
6/9/14 12:09 PM

Ooo! In love! All the objets d'art are so amazing!

Robb and Jamie's Schoolhouse Flat House Tour
6/3/14 12:26 PM

Sound advice from Xarcady.
You could always leave the tall portion on the left hand side in the office, rip out the upper and lower on the far right and shift the remaining under counter cabinet over to support one nice long slab of wood across the top. You'd get a lot more leg and desk space.

Are These 1970s MDF Built-Ins Trash or Treasure? Good Questions
5/16/14 08:08 AM

The after is much brighter and cleaner. I think the art on both walls is over scaled for the space.

Before & After: Paint Spices Up a Stylish Dining Room
4/28/14 12:59 PM

Not sure if it's been said, but I think you could get away with leaving the baseboard, window and wall trim and painting out the ceiling trim.
Walls, ceiling, trim at ceiling: all white to give a lift to the space.
I also agree that the fireplace could use refreshing - maybe just the inset areas instead of the whole thing.
You could also paint in stages - start with the walls and ceiling and leave all the trim out of it and see how it feels with freshened up colours, seeing as you can't easily go backwards.
It really is important to live in the space and get a feel for how the light moves through your home.
I would have chosen a lighter stain for my floors had I realized how dark our main living areas are most of the year.

To Paint or Not To Paint Our Abundance of Wood Trim? Good Questions
4/22/14 12:33 PM

Oops. Just saw the note confirming it!

Before & After: From Unused Fashion to Upcycled, Fashionable Home Accessory
4/20/14 09:53 PM

Agree with sdot - pillows aren't even the same colors.
Props for the idea.

Before & After: From Unused Fashion to Upcycled, Fashionable Home Accessory
4/20/14 09:52 PM

So clean! I LOVE that the appliances are white.
Finally someone understands that stainless would just chop up the space instead of providing the streamlined result,

Before & After: Lisa & Brian's Brooklyn Kitchen Transformation Sweeten
4/10/14 02:30 PM

Love it - except - those twin fridges are screaming to be built in the same way the rest of the modern details are working (i.e. stove nook). Ditch the giant clock and rework the wall for storage between and above the fridges.
Would also love to know who the architect was...

Kirsten & Chris' Timeless Style House Tour
1/23/14 12:58 PM

Love it ! It's the perfect mix of designer and lived in.

The Roberts' Playful Wonderland West End Townhouse House Tour
11/25/13 12:42 PM

Not a fan of the paint job but feel like it could be helped by painting the trim in a punchier colour - maybe a dark grey?. It currently looks too washed out for the treatment.

Distressed Colorwashing For the Bedroom Color Therapy
10/16/13 08:34 PM