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I haven't heard that saying before and I hope I never hear it again. It's offensive and distasteful, and explains your working class status.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Recommendations for a Housekeeper?
1/14/08 12:25 PM

I love it - it is inspiring and gorgeous!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | House Tour: Danny & Chris' Budgeted Success
1/10/08 09:09 AM

Thanks Robyn and Anastasia! I've decided to go for the brown chair - - should be delivered tomorrow, yeah!

Apartment Therapy - Open Thread 565#comments
11/20/07 06:30 AM

Too much brown? Our sofa is covered in a brown wool fabric and I've seen a chair I really want o buy (has similar clean lines like the sofa) but it is also covered in a brown wool but a different shade. The area rug also has shades of brown - - would the chair be too much brown? I was thinking I could bring in other colors through pillows. or I should I just look for a complimentary color? thanks!

Apartment Therapy - Open Thread 565#comments
11/19/07 09:58 AM

I've been looking for an orange, what brand/color is the orange chip above (3rd one)? Thanks!

Apartment Therapy - Color Chips: Garrison, NY
10/29/07 11:44 AM

Completely off topic. I have 2 questions for my fellow ATers re paint colors.

1) Is is ok to paint a room that doesn't get much light a dark chocolate brown or is that a bad idea. Should I try to keep the walls light. I am considering a dark chocolate for the dining room.

2) I am looking for an orange paint that isn't bright, but is deeper, like a pumpkin orange or the color of an hermes box. I'd like it be an orange which has some depth. Can someone recommend an orange color like this?

Thanks everyone!

Apartment Therapy - Open Thread 548#comments
10/25/07 11:51 AM

Do you or your guests love your sofa bed? If so, where is it from - we are looking for one. We've already looked at the AU Furniture beds but didn't love them when we saw them at Jensen.

Apartment Therapy - Open Thread 541#comments
10/16/07 12:16 PM

This is really inspiring - I love the trunk in the fireplace.

Apartment Therapy - #18 - ChrisToronto Winter Antidote#comments
10/15/07 09:19 AM

Jal & Kate (NC),
Thanks so much for the feedback and advice; I really appreciate it. Especially since I realized my last link didn't work that well (here it is again in case anyone else wants to comment). thx!


Apartment Therapy - Open Thread 538#comments#comments
10/11/07 11:12 AM

Sorry, one more possibility to go with the le klint 172b.

3. Golf P1 Wall LIght

http://www.ylighting.com/leu-golfp1.htmly sconce...

Apartment Therapy - Open Thread 538#comments
10/11/07 06:54 AM

Sorry to ask this again but I didn't get any replies the first time and I desperately need your collective advice. What sconces should I put in my dining room which will have a white oval shaped Saarinen dining table and a le klint 172b. The room is painted red and will also have 2 large sort-of pop-art paintings in it. I was considering either of these but am open to suggestions, please. The room is 14' by 20'. It is a rental apt and the existing sconces are, of course, hideous!!!

1. Hook W2

2. Tilee in white

Apartment Therapy - Open Thread 538#comments
10/11/07 06:42 AM

ok, so we just bought the le klint 172B for our dining room, now we need to replace the existing sconces which are in the same room. I have no idea what would look good. Does anyone have any suggestions, please? thanks in advance!

Apartment Therapy - Open Thread 536
10/9/07 10:29 AM

Our new place has a really long living room that must have been 2 rooms at some point. It is 14 feet by 32 feet. There are newly done hardwood floors with a nice inlay design. Would you do one long rug or 2 separate ones. If 2 would you do the same rug or 2 complementary rugs. We will probably have 2 arrangements in the room but that may change one day. Thanks!

Apartment Therapy - Open Thread 535
10/5/07 12:41 PM

Did they have this model in the showroom at DDC? I just called about the Frame wall unit and they did not have it there to see.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: What furniture should I use to mount my flatscreen?
8/28/07 10:30 AM