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I too, used to put foil on the bottom of my oven. Worked like a charm. Until. Until the new oven. The new oven has a "hidden" lower element. The element is actually below the bottom wall of the oven cavity. With this design, that the "floor" of the oven gets insanely hot, and did an excellent job of melting the foil I had so fastidiously arranged. Melted aluminium foil mess in my brand new oven. Toilet bowl cleaner/hydrochloric acid, helped, ( but the stain is still there. Taunting me. Every time I open the oven. Please do not use aluminium foil on the floor of ovens with "hidden" lower elements unless you're OK with your oven to taunting you for years to come. Chocolate chip cookies in to bake ... remember the foil. Roast in for dinner ... remember the foil. Sigh.

Do or Don't? Foil as an Electric Oven Liner
3/18/14 11:52 PM

Chaos amoeba you reduced my exquisite cup of Intelligencia coffee to a very inelegant spit take. Well done.

Wi-Fi Adapters Let You Control Lightbulbs From Your Smartphone Design News 11.19.12
11/19/12 04:31 PM

I loooooove Nib and Tuck cards. Simply amazing.

Top 10 Traditional Holiday Cards
11/19/12 04:28 PM

Masking tape. Even makes it through the dishwasher (by mistake, obviously).

Easy & Smart Freezer Tip: Label Food Containers With a Dry Erase Crayon Organizing Homelife
10/6/12 01:06 AM

Is that a range hood?

Simple, Effective Fitting: A Long Iron Bar Kitchen Inspiration
10/4/12 11:46 PM

Paint it.

How Can I Make My Garbage Area Smell Like New? Product & Shopping Questions
5/26/12 09:10 PM

If you Roomba, this makes so much more sense.

Six Smart Space Saving How-Tos
4/25/12 01:04 AM

Even better if you can save a stoppered bottle like those used on prosecco and Grolsch beer bottles.

For the Table: 5 Classic Glass Carafes Product Roundup
4/18/12 06:29 PM

Save a pretty wine bottle. Fill with water. Place on table. Voila! Free and very chic.

For the Table: 5 Classic Glass Carafes Product Roundup
4/18/12 06:25 PM

Masking tape. Sharpie. Done. Stays on in the freezer & even through the dishwasher. Peels off like a breeze. No sticky left behind. Perfect.

Look! Pretty Freezer Labels
3/30/12 07:37 PM

Had mine set up exactly like this. Worked like a charm for years in my cramped kitchen. Helps if you have an array of handle styles and have a system for which size goes where.

Smart Knife Storage: Hide the Knife Rack Under the Cabinets! Local Kitchen
3/22/12 09:26 PM

Better late than never, right?

NY Good Questions: Any Info. On This Sofa?
1/24/12 07:39 PM

Serif font for headlines!? Feels soooo WordPress!

Welcome to the New Apartment Therapy!
1/8/12 07:27 PM

These magic sponges contain formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. Remember to pull out the rubber gloves before scrubbing!

Truly Magical: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Cleaning Pads
9/21/11 02:56 PM

Love it!!

Wendy's Custom-Renovated Vancouver Kitchen
7/18/11 05:04 PM

For a historical version of butter beer (with booze), check out the Heston Blumenthal recipe...

Make Your Own Harry Potter Butter Beer
11/22/10 02:35 AM

FYI on this outdated thread - I recovered the sofa and extraordinarily happy. It wasn't cheap, $2500, but worth every penny. It looks fantastic & the down-wrapped foam cushions are heavenly. Thanks to all for their input - helped me turn a bargain into my favourite piece of furniture.

NY Good Questions: Any Info. On This Sofa? | Apartment Therapy New York
1/5/10 08:10 PM

Flip top chrome and glass cellar, like AB uses in Good Eats. Handy one-handed operation. Covered so I can keep it near the stovetop without corrupting the crystals. Dishwasher safe. Perfect.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Stylish Salt Cellars
10/22/09 01:31 AM

Vancouver checking in - tiny condo needs first aid!!! Let the cure being...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Fall Cure 2009: Discussion Board Canada
10/14/09 06:29 PM

I use this to hang bags in a clothes closet. Great space saver.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Small Space Solution: How To Make a Vertical Pot Rack
9/2/09 05:08 PM