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I entirely agree with erinwdesign. My husband and I share chores on exactly the same basis:

1) who has the higher standard for this issue?
2) who is it more important to?
3) who has time for it?

I generally do the bathrooms because my standard is higher than his. He always does the vaccuuming and mopping because I hate to do it. He tends to cook more, I tend to tidy more. We both do laundry when we have time and we tend to grocery shop together. Neither of us are keen on any of these chores, and if we had the money, we would hire a cleaner. We both recognise that they need to be done and that it's no one's "job".

Thank goodness I ended up with a partner who has lived in flats before, knows how to clean and cook and doesn't believe in male/female work division.

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12/18/13 04:47 PM

I grew up on a farm called Riverdale which was as idyllic as it sounds. I now live in an apartment building Quattro, so named as it is number 444 on the street.

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