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What about kids that do well with number 1 but won't do number 2 in the potty? So frustrating and I'm concerned about putting him in daycare as he's almost 3.

When (and How) To Totally Stop Using Diapers
Good Questions

11/1/11 02:40 PM

Just a note about them being "junk land fillers".

Trust me when I say that used mattresses often get re-used.
No matter what neighborhood I've lived in, there's always a van/truck rolling around picking up used mattresses, which they just replace the fabric on and resale.

Big market for that and its totally legal as long as its marked as "used". Still a lil' creepy.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: The Best Time to Buy a Mattress?
12/16/08 05:41 PM

I am in the midst of mattress shopping as well.
I am leaving my futon days behind and am moving on to an actual grown-up bed...yay!
The comments posted have been a great help.
Keep the tips coming!!!

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: The Best Time to Buy a Mattress?
12/16/08 05:17 PM

Whatever you do, don't get sucked into getting a pricey stroller just because its fashionable. Consider your lifestyle & choose from there.
Now, onto the absolute necessities:
*Side-snap shirts, onesies and pants. If you have a washer/drier at home buy less. If not, buy more.
Do NOT buy Newborn sized clothing. Start with a few 0-3 months but aim for larger sizes. Especially since the stuff is cotton & will shrink and also because babies grow so fast.
*Swaddle blankets! For bedtime & for crying fits. Can also double as nursing covers.
*Changing pad & cover. You don't necessarily need a changing table. As long as you have the pad, anyplace will do.
*A bouncer will help keep baby secure & entertained while you take care of your business (do house chores, bathe, relax).
*An Ergo Baby carrier. The Bjorn brand is uncomfortable and not good for the baby's back. Not only good for going out, but also good for around the house to soothe a crying baby (they like the closeness to you).
*A Boppy to help with feedings. Also can be used for "tummy time".
*I always think of a playard as a crate for human babies, but they keep baby safe & you'll be able to relax.
*Don't get a breastpump until you're absolutely, 100% sure you'll be able to breastfeed. Those items are SUPER pricey and usually non-refundable. Many new moms send out their hubbies to buy one while they're at the hospital just to be sure.
*Don't get a mobile based on its looks alone. Get one that'll help baby settle to sleep. A great looking mobile that only plays music for 30 seconds will do you no good.

Ok, I guess that enough for now. Most moms register around the 4th or 5th month so you've got oodles of time! Good luck!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Baby Essentials?
12/1/08 03:07 PM

This home has so much personality! Can't really pinpoint the "look" that he's trying to go for, which is what I like best!

Now, on to business.....I've asked this question a gazillion times on this website and this is OFFICIALLY the last time!
ChrisToronto....where did you get that gold mirror that's in between the two chairs?
Its lovely, I need one just like that one and, honestly, I'm a bit obsessed with finding one like it.

Apartment Therapy - FC East Finalist #4: ChrisToronto's Winter Antidote#comments#comments
11/14/07 09:24 AM

The law is for the weak.

I'm sorry but your friends are making it way too easy for their roommate from hell. They've gotta make this person's stay as miserable as possible to the point where (despite the free rent) they MUST evacuate. (LOUD MUSIC and HOGGING UP THE BATHROOM works).

But honestly, I would've packed that leech's crap and changed the locks. You've just gotta know how to "work" teh law if it comes down to it. Say that this person has stayed for the last 2 weeks as a FREE guest and has been using drugs. Trust me, this person won't go the lawyer route.

Apartment Therapy - AT Survey: Deadbeat Roommates#comments
11/14/07 05:01 AM

I miss the Antiques Flea Market on 26th, I got great deals on Asian Antiques and there were just beautiful nick-nacks to check out.
I look forward to this newest flea market!
Hopefully this won't be another Hell's Kitchen Flea Market (sooo disappointing).

Apartment Therapy - New Brooklyn Flea MarketSlinks: n. (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites
11/6/07 09:26 AM

Sometimes during my lunch break I'll stop by the Home Depot in the article and walk thru the aisles day dream about actually owning a big house and how I would have it designed.
I think of the Home Depot on 23rd as a sort of peep show.
I need to fantasize about something I can't have and I go there for some cheap (interior designing) thrills.

Apartment Therapy - NYT: Critically Shopping Home Depot#comments
11/2/07 10:33 AM

New York Muhtari,
I am a New Yorker and I really don't see the big whoop in living in Manhattan.
Honestly, it seems like people that come from other states are the ones that are obessed with living in Manhattan.
I love living in Queens and like hanging out in Brooklyn as well.
Real NYers know there is MUCH more to NY than Manhattan.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Great Colors for my New Apt?#comments
11/1/07 09:26 AM

Ok, ok...I see that I offered nothing as far as decorative advice.
All I can suggest is getting 2 loft style bunk beds. Ikea sells them for $150 each.
That way each person can use their computer, read, etc while the other person sleeps in privacy.http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50019950
This will also be a space saver. As for furniture & paint....I think everything is fine as is. Don't waste money on paint. Maybe just add some decorative touches but keep it simple. Save your money!

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Great Colors for my New Apt?#comments#comments
11/1/07 08:26 AM

I'm a little confused about this living situation and the layout of the living room.
Are you essentially converting the living room into a bedroom???

I know this is none of my business but WHY are you going thru all this just so you can live on the Upper East Side?
Why not just get a studio or live in a cheaper area? Queens has awesome, large apartments at cheaper prices that are convenient to Manhattan.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Great Colors for my New Apt?
11/1/07 08:19 AM

Please Chris, oh please tell me where that beautiful gold mirror is from????

Apartment Therapy - Fall Colors Finalist #4: ChrisToronto's Winter Antidote#comments
10/30/07 08:42 AM

When can I stay overnight?
If I were a guest sleeping in that guestroom I would feel extra special!

Apartment Therapy - House Tour:Lynn and Leif's Paris Hotel Home
10/30/07 05:02 AM

By the way, I didnt mean that you should replace the wooden doors with raw silk curtains. I meant you should hang them from the ceiling to block those wooden doors.
BedBath&Beyond has raw silk curtains that are inexpensive.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: How Should I Decorate This Room?
10/29/07 06:58 AM

Maybe hand a nice curtain where those wooden doors are.
Maybe curtains made from raw silk in a light color. I like raw silk because it looks cool, and is slightly reflective.

I don't know if you'd really want to get of the entertainment center since those things cost a lot. But if you can get rid of it do so and replace it with something much smaller.

In that corner next to the wooden doors (where that small chair is) put a long mirror. You need a mirror somewhere in that room and that's the best spot!

Above your couch you need something decorative. Doesn't have to be a painting. You could hang anything like masks, plates, whatever. Just don't hang a mirror there because the tv will be reflected.

Could you move the armchair to the other side? It just looks a little akward where it is now.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: How Should I Decorate This Room?
10/29/07 06:56 AM

Anybody know where to get a mirror like this one?

Apartment Therapy - Open Thread 549#comments
10/26/07 06:57 AM

When I see the colors I think of a peacock, but in a good way. I love that shade of blueish green (or is it greenish blue?).
Either way I really like your space!

Apartment Therapy - #37 - Heather and Erik's Delightful Domicile
10/25/07 12:03 PM

All white rooms? How about adding some padding to the walls for that complete "institutional" look.
I don't like rooms dedicated to one sole color (white, or otherwise) because then you become a slave to that color. If you find a decorative item, a piece of art, a cool antique...whatever, it HAS TO BE that color and that just stinks!

Apartment Therapy - White Is the New WhiteSlinks: n. (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites#comments
10/25/07 06:59 AM

So many people I know can barely even afford their studios in NY. The housing situation here is RIDICULOUS!
All the real NYers are getting pushed out while the richies are buying all those d@mned "luxury condos". Everytime I see a new "luxury condo" going up in my neighborhood it makes my stomach turn thinking of how much longer until I get pushed out.
And who the he!! are all these richies anyways?
How can they afford it????

Apartment Therapy - NYT: Studio Apartments#comments
10/23/07 08:34 AM

Could somebody please tell me where to get a mirror like this one?
I've looked high and low!

Apartment Therapy - Ornate Mirrors
10/23/07 07:58 AM