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Bathrooms~ I keep a good sponge~ the ones with the handle that you can refill with soap (Can't think of the of it name at the moment;) in my bathroom. I fill it with 1/2 Vinegar, baking soda & Blue Dawn. After bathing or showering I wipe down the tub with it. I've not had a nasty tub in years :)
I have a OCD problem with cleaning up the bathroom while my bath is running. If you use face wipes to wash your face you can also use it (when finished with face) to wipe down your sink or around your toilet. I also keep a roll of paper towels & a small spray bottle of diy windex under my sink to clean the mirror, counters & faucets real quick. Takes all but 5 mins to do these things and your bathroom is always "kept up." Oh~ I also keep 2 extra rolls of toilet paper on the cute little handle of my "toilet brush" that sits inside of a holder behind my trash can (that I always have extra bags at the bottom of) Great for guest as they never have to go looking for any if it runs out.

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