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Add myself to the list of people recommending How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. Mark Bittman's cookbooks are great. I bought How to Cook Everything (regular one) for non-veg relatives and there are a surprising number of vegetarian recipes in that book as well. My go-tos were mentioned by a few others as well: ethnic food (Indian, Thai, Chinese) and spices. A few simple spices can transform any meal!

Words of Advice for a New Vegetarian? Good Questions
11/2/13 07:31 PM

Barbie -- I usually store frittatas in the fridge in the pan they were baked in. If there isn't enough room in the fridge (it happens sometimes), I cut the frittata into slices and store each slice in a seal-tight container.

To reheat, I either 1. reheat the entire pan or 2. reheat a slice (or two) on a silpat & baking sheet in the oven. You can also eat them cold. My husband loves to eat them straight out the fridge.

Hope that helps!

How To Make a Frittata
10/11/13 09:37 AM

Agreed! There are some great finds on Philly's CL. It really is a college student's paradise.

When I lived in NYC, I liked CL for the immediacy. You can list an item in the morning and know that someone will pick it up that afternoon. Now I sell in NJ and the mentality is similar. I rarely encounter flakes and I've never encountered spammers. (As others have mentioned, asking for a phone number greatly reduces the number of flakes.) I mainly sell since I'm trying to downsize, but I've picked up a lot of good finds on Philly and NJ CL's as well.

What's Your City's Craigslist Culture?
7/2/13 09:15 PM

This recipe is great. I added a cup of edamame and it was still delicious. The mint adds such a wonderful flavor. Thanks for posting this, Leela!

Recipe: Pearl Couscous Salad with Mint and Pecans
Six Ingredients (and Salt)

7/1/13 03:17 PM

@KELLIEINCA - Agreed! HomeGoods is one of those places that you have to visit regularly to find the best deals. (The ones in my area are usually paired with TJ Maxx, which makes sense considering they're the same company.) I primarily to visit HomeGoods to stock up on discounted Calphalon and Le Crueset items when I don't have time to take a day trip to the closest outlets.

HomeGoods Summer Preview!
8/13/12 06:03 PM

SPACEAPPLE - I use Evernote for this as well. It's such a great application for recipe saving and menu planning. My husband and I both use the Android app so we always have our grocery lists on the go.

I've been meaning to read Dinner: A Love Story, and this reminds me that I really need to do so.

Smart Tip: For Easier Meal Planning, Keep a Dinner Diary
7/17/12 03:28 PM

Bekka, I had my wisdom teeth removed this Monday. My situation is similiar to rumagogo's; All four were impacted and close to the nerve so they were cut out as opposed to pulled. Since I still have a number of stitches that interfere with chewing, I'm on a soft food diet until next week. I have been eating broth, applesauce, yogurt, pudding, and very-well-scrambled eggs. As long as you avoid anything that can get "stuck" (nuts, seeds, etc...), you'll be fine. Also, avoid straws as everyone else has mentioned. My doctor also told me to stay away from foods at warmer temperatures as well. I have been eating and drinking everything at either room temperature or cold.

Good luck during your surgery! You'll be fine and you'll have pain medication to relieve the soreness.

Help! I'm Getting My Wisdom Teeth Out. What Can I Eat?Good Questions
5/11/12 10:44 AM

Traci, I just made this with kale and it was delicious! My family loved it, especially the panko topping/parmesan topping.

Recipe: Chicken & Swiss Chard Pasta Bake
1/24/12 06:51 PM

The Le Creuset dutch oven is probably the best kitchen purchase I've ever bought! My local TJ Maxx was selling several just before Christmas for half the price. That's a good place to check besides the Le Creuset outlets, which are also great.

Fashion Meets Function: White Cast Iron Dutch Ovens
1/5/12 08:20 AM

I have those cutting boards! Amazon was selling them for half the price a while back. The cutting boards and storage case are very convenient, but they are fairly small. I mainly use them for fruits and vegetables and use larger wooden cutting boards for everything else.

JosephJoseph: Modern & Multi-Functional Tools for the Kitchen
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8/29/11 04:17 PM

Sam I Am - Me too.

How Often Do You Turn Off Your Computer?
7/22/11 03:21 PM

I have a mannequin hand for rings as well as another piece that my friend (a welder) made that holds my necklaces and bracelets. However, my other friend uses a tie rack and it's perfect. It can hold a lot and nothing ever gets tangled. If I didn't have my current system, I'd definitely go for a tie rack.

Decor in the Details: Displaying Jewelry
7/22/11 01:40 PM

These are beautiful photos. I went to Turkey last year and while I did see quite a few other American tourists, I noticed they mainly stayed in Istanbul or Ephesus. As someone else said, there is so much more of the country to see. Your photos made me want to go back already!

Traditional Gulets: The Best Boat Vacation in Turkey Ever
House Tour

7/19/11 03:44 PM

I'm wondering the same as beatbox. I own a TV, but mainly use it for Watch Instantly (one of the reasons why my family bought it) and Internet browsing. I rarely watch live TV anymore.

TV Ownership Down for the First Time in 20 Years
5/4/11 09:38 AM

My experience is kind of similar to mimi2856's. Most people I went to school with had sandwiches, chips, cookies, soda, etc... but my mom didn't pack chips or soda for me; I usually had fruit and juice so I got made fun of for being healthy. This was in the 80s; I can imagine the teasing is much worse now since parents are probably more creative with their children's lunches.

School Lunch Mockery: How "Normal" Were Your Lunches?
4/15/11 08:56 AM

I bought this from Target from a few years ago and I love it:

Vintage Cabinet Styles: Collectors, Apothecary, Dentists
4/14/11 09:27 PM

I always drink water before and after and occasionally a few sips during depending on the meal. With breakfast I'll have orange juice sometimes, but generally water.

Do You Drink with Your Meals?
4/14/11 12:01 PM

As a Philly girl, I would recommend CraigsList and flea markets too. Those are the first places that come to mind that are in your price range. And as monkeymilk said, DE is also an option. There are a lot of outlets, the furniture is cheaper, and there is no sales tax. A lot of people from PA and NJ go to DE to shop.

Where To Furniture Shop In Philadelphia?
Good Questions

4/8/11 06:45 PM

Mr. Modtomic - I completely agree. The default size for photos on CraigsList is very small.

Also, I always put my phone number as well. I've found that I get a lot less flakes that way. People who make the effort to call do so because they actually *want* the item. In my experience, most people who email aren't always serious about buying. I know a lot of people are scared about putting their number on CraigsList, but you can always use a Google Voice number as well.

5 Tips for Selling Your Stuff on Craigslist
4/8/11 05:39 PM

I'm not sure if the dimensions are better on this one:

I have a different piece in the Exotic Retreat collection and I really like it.

Can You Help Me Find a Similar Media Armoire?
Good Questions

2/24/11 10:25 AM