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I was curious who you used for those kitchen & bathroom cabinets. Love them. They don't look store bought so i'm guessing they are custom?

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2/24/14 12:56 PM


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2/5/14 02:03 PM

Fantastic lighting.

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2/5/14 02:03 PM

Oh my. I love those floors. What kind of paint do you have to use for that? Is it marine style?

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2/5/14 02:02 PM

Great info. Thanks AT!

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2/5/14 02:02 PM

Love it!

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2/5/14 02:01 PM

I was wondering where those lights were from too. They remind me of these:

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2/5/14 02:01 PM

Love those lamps. Here they are on etsy:

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1/28/14 06:35 PM

Here's a good alternative:

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1/6/14 10:48 AM

Think it was these folks:

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1/6/14 10:47 AM

What kind of plant is that in the living room? Love it.

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12/20/13 01:50 PM

The more I look at this house the more I see all the cool interesting things around. Great job!

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12/20/13 01:50 PM

Nice job!

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12/20/13 01:49 PM

Major drool on number 4!! West elm got skillzz.

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12/20/13 01:48 PM

Remind me of these lights: though a big larger. I like the sades on you alls. Nice job!!!

Stephen & Antwann's Cool, Clever Home House Tour
12/20/13 01:47 PM

Love those scissor lights on the bed sides!

Stephen & Antwann's Cool, Clever Home House Tour
12/20/13 01:46 PM

I'm loving all those brass light fixtures. Reminds me of old boat and industrial brass lights like these guys

Jessica & Scott's East Coast Nest House Tour
12/20/13 11:31 AM

The pillows are such a nice color. I may have to do some shopping soon :).

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11/7/13 12:22 PM

My personal favorite.

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11/7/13 12:20 PM

Such a nice little idea. I'll have to try this one.

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11/7/13 12:19 PM