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I would actually vote for doing the opposite of jennafura's suggestion. I would remove the wood seat and back, sand it to remove all of the paint and refinish it with some natural wood oil. The metal frame I would take to a car wash and spray down with the high-powered water to remove all of the paint that is falling off (this is a great technique for painted metal as it leaves some of the paint but only takes off what is loose), then I would spray the metal with a clear protective coat and then put the wood seat back on. You now have a clean finished chair that retains some of it's history and your child/pet won't eat lead based paint chips.

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11/23/11 05:56 PM

It's like an episode of Hoarders with rich people. This is less of a home tour and more of a collection of photos documenting all of the expensive things you own....close ups of your iMac and iPad? Overall not a very compelling house tour but the picture will come in handy for your insurance company should anything ever happen to your house.

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10/22/10 03:09 PM

I installed this in a bathroom and am planning to do the same in my kitchen. It's affordable, incredibly easy to install, and floats on top of whatever is underneath it. It comes in a bunch of varieties although I'm not too keen on the "wood".

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10/15/10 03:14 PM

My suggestion would be industrial velcro. Put one side directly on the wall and the other around the back of the frame. A lot of art schools use this method to hang art work on walls without putting thousands of nail holes in the walls. The downside is that it's going to damage the paint if/when you don't want things there anymore. Also just to be safe I think I would put paintings there as opposed to something behind glass, just in case it were to fall or someone hits their head standing up.

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10/12/10 01:39 PM

I like chalkboard walls, but am so tired of the pictures of "shopping lists" where each letter is 3" tall. First, why would anything need to be written that large (except to photograph well for a blog or magazine). Secondly, if your shopping list is written on your wall don't you then need to copy it onto some paper to actually use it for shopping?

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9/29/10 04:44 PM

I have a similar eames table including 2 shell chairs for sale on my blog for $795. I'm located in Durham, NC but would deliver to the DC area for cheap. Check out my blog for pictures http://www.letsrebuild.blogspot.com/

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10/28/09 12:41 PM