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I love this. Though it is, of course, each person's right to withhold a family recipe if they so desire it, admittedly, irritates me when people use that as a reason not to share their know-how with others. I am of the opinion that if you can help someone to become a better cook or writer or pianist or gardener (whatever your craft happens to be), then we should always share our knowledge with others if it will help improve their efforts, if it will bring them joy and allow them to remember that person by something they shared. So, yes, and I wholeheartedly agree with you. Sharing is caring!

On Why I Think You Should Tell Us Your Kitchen Secrets Weekend Meditation
2/16/14 09:55 PM

So neat!

A Salvaged Window Dream Home, Built for Optimal Sunset Watching Inhabitat
1/7/14 04:00 PM

I found an excellent roast a few weeks ago at World Market that I can drink black with only a spoonful of sugar, which is amazing for me because usually I have to doctor up my coffee until it's blond before it starts to taste good. It was called Texas Turtle. I bought it for my mom because the flavors in it sounded like something she would like. When I visited my parents the other weekend, I tried some for myself and it was delicious. I'll be okay if that's the only coffee I ever drink for the rest of my life. :)

Ben Corey-Moran's 5 Essentials for Making the Best Cup of Coffee Possible Expert Essentials
12/15/13 10:21 AM

Your post reminds me a lot of how I daydream about making my future children's childhoods different than my own. While the smell of sticky Kool-Aid and Spaghetti-O's brings back a whiff of nostalgia from my younger years, I want my kids', whenever I have any, childhoods to be...more magical and even adventurous. Hunting for berries and walnuts to make our own food, and growing a garden for vegetables and herbs. The other night I made ravioli for my roommate and I, and I said to her, "The only thing I don't like about buying frozen ravioli at the grocery store is that they barely give you any stuffing, whether it be cheese or meat or spinach." And she said, "You should learn to make your own ravioli." Which was a brilliant idea, and something that had crossed my eating the frozen grocery store ravioli over the next few nights. I never thought of myself as much of a cook, especially since most of what I make already comes packaged and processed in the food aisles at my local Publix or Wal-Mart, but it is something I want to start doing more of--making my own ingredients for meals. Also, your post reminded me that I'd really like to learn how to make my own wine, too. I took a brief winemaking classes with some friends last year around this time at a wine tasting, and it left us all dizzy for the knowledge!

Drinking the Landscape Weekend Meditation
12/15/13 10:05 AM

Your weekly meditation posts are becoming one of my favorites to read. I shall pin this for future eating reference. :)

Saved by a Bowl of Turnip Soup Weekend Meditation
11/24/13 10:34 PM

I actually really like your picture. :) But you do raise a valid point, and I'm am so incredibly guilty of comparing myself to others based on the curation of our instagram feeds. In fact, it has led me to believe, on some level, that my life is not as pretty or as inspiring or as purposeful because where I live is not as idyllic or cozy, that my worldview and my perspective on life is not as meaningful or as inspiring or as creative. Social media does wonderful things to bring people together, but just like in our physical lives it also has the potential to make us feel the old haunts of jealousy and comparison.

The Messy Truth is the Most Beautiful Truth Weekend Meditation
11/17/13 12:01 PM