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If you have big dogs like me (I own a golden retriever and a pittbull) one of the best and easiest neighborhood to find a good size/safe/nice apartment is Nun's Island (part of Verdun but on a separate island).

Known for being one of the «Upper Class» neighborhood of Montreal (it compares to Westmount or Outremont), it used to be very exclusive but in the last 10-15 years, this neighborhood has changed tremendously. Theses days, lot of students and professionnals are living on this island/neighborhood which offers the best of both world: it is extremely close and accessible even without a car to downtown Montreal yet you are surrounded by nature (Saint-Laurent River, parks, forest, and parks ... and parks :), A LOT of trees and green areas) ... when you live here, it's hard to remember that you are actually 10 minutes from downtown ... lolll there is even a nordic spa (Strom spa) on the island.

It is possible to find dogs friendly (which ever size or breed), apartments in small to high-rise apartments buildings from 600$ up to 1200$ (studio to 2 bedrooms apartments or townhouses). Although very generic, the apartments come with fridge and stove and most are decent in size. Still a good option is renting a condo or a house, but they can be pricey.

I'm currently living on Nun's Island close to two bus line (one going straight downtown within 20 mins, and to 2 metro stations, the other line goes to a metro station) a convenience store, parks, cafés, pool and library ... and I'm across the street from Saint-Laurent river *(which means breathtaking views all year round). Also, there are 2 grocery stores, a vet, a clinic, and 2 drugstores and 2 gyms and a lot of tennis courts... so all in all it is a very convenient neighborhood wheter you are a family, a student or a young professionnal.

Little bonus that I found out about recently: at the end of summer every sunday afternoon there is a nice famer's market with fresh produce and beautifull flowers right next to my place.

At the time I got my apartment I was kind of in a hurry, and I only had one dog and nice affordable «big pet» friendly places where hard to come by, my cousins actually found me this place on «kijiji» and I fell in love with it (having a whole month free of rent wasn't too bad either). It's a great neighborhood, very family oriented and extremely quiet. Most people don't even think about renting on Nun's Island because they think expensive and bad public transport (which was true ... 10 years ago). Since I found this place I tell everyone about it cause pet friendly apartment can be hard to come by and it's awesome to be able to tell people that almost perfection exists :).

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