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Love a good before and after. What a surprise! Good job.

Before & After: How Plycraft Met IKEA and Made a Great Chair Baby
2/25/14 05:40 PM

I enjoyed looking around your home. I can see you really appreciate the beauty in nature.

Sarah's Curio Filled Studio House Tour
2/15/14 05:29 PM

Nice place. I liked the floral/branch arrangements and the coffee table. Not sure I could rent a place for 25 years, though. I'd want it to be mine after all those years.

Madelyn Baker's Naturally Elegant Abode House Tour
2/6/14 06:11 PM

I totally agree with your observation.

Cow Hollow Home Gets a Pro Makeover House Tour
1/31/14 08:03 PM

Growing up in NZ I thought having a flat sheet was the normal thing to use but then I went to live in the UK and stayed in places that only used the duvet cover which I found a bit weird to begin with. Twenty years on and I find the duvet cover option is more practical for me. It may be slightly more washing (not much, though) but it saves so much time in having to make the bed every day and getting frustrated with the bunched up, twisted sheet during the night.

What’s the Purpose of a Flat Sheet, Anyway?
1/30/14 05:43 PM

The earring chandelier is genius!

Shaun & Matt's Glam Loft House Tour
1/16/14 05:15 PM

That is so cool!!!!

Before & After: A Nightstand's Nod to Geometry
1/13/14 03:07 PM

Nice place. I really like the armchair and the coffee table.

Kim & Kyle's Graceful Home House Tour
12/13/13 07:57 PM

That is really cute!

Before & After: Lucy's White to Wow! Bedroom
10/11/13 07:14 PM

I really like it. So much better than before.

Before & After: An Old Chest Gets a Big Change
10/11/13 07:08 PM

Love the dining room chairs.

Vivi & Gaston's Modern Family Home House Tour
10/9/13 07:04 PM