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Did you end up actually getting a cat tree? They are often less expensive online from independent stores that are dedicated to only selling cat trees such as http://www.cattreecity.com and armarkat.com.. If a modern day style is your cup of tea then you can also find them online by searching for the refine feline or modern cat. The selection online for cat trees today are huge however you can get a decent one for under $100 that will last a cats 9 lives.

Rug Ideas & Cat Clawing Prevention Tips?
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10/22/13 06:13 AM

I've been looking for a cat tree for a while. I came across those large cat trees at http://www.cattreecity.com and the refined feline however their a little more then I'm willing to pay. Thanks for letting me know about the modern pet beds they might look like the best option for me.

Modern Pet Beds
10/9/13 08:19 AM