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I'm Brazilian and here you can't put toilet paper in the toilet (it clogs the pipes), so everything goes in the bin. So it's quite uncomfortable whenever there's a foreign friend in my house and I have to tell them how things work around here in this area. I usually spill it out as fast as I can in the middle of the "house tour" hoping that we can pass by the subject naturally.

I started doing this because once I was visiting my friend in Czech Republic and we stayed in this hostel and she told me one night: listen, I've been to your house in Brazil and I know you guys for some weird reason don't throw paper in the toilet. But it's not like that here, ok? So please put it in the toilet.

I never understood why she was so annoyed, specially because it wasn't her house, but I try to adapt to where I travel now - and warn foreigners coming to Brazil.

MORE: I had my wedding in a friend's house in the beach and the toilet there was really really delicate - meaning that if someone threw paper it would ruin my party - and I had to print a sheet of paper warning people to fix it in the bathroom. It was embarrassing...!

How Do You Warn Guests About Delicate Plumbing?
10/8/13 05:10 PM