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I love parties and thus, throw a fair number (okay, a lot). But I am not fussy and rely on Trader Joe's to supplement my home-cooked offerings so I am not an intimidating hostess in that way. If my not-close friends NEVER reciprocate after making years worth of "we-should-have-you-over" comments, I do cut them from the list. But with friends that are like "hell-no-I'm-not-hosting" but bring decent wine and good conversation then I'm happy--heck, if they bring crap wine and great conversation, I'm happy. Hey, I'm throwing a party--I'm happy!!

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10/31/13 12:20 AM

With humor. For large parties I'd stick up a little index card sign w/something to the effect of: "Sensitive plumbing, please don't flush elephants or tampons." (The absurd reference was to sort of mitigate the fact that I was addressing my guests' potentially used tampons. Eeewww.)

How Do You Warn Guests About Delicate Plumbing?
10/8/13 11:55 AM