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If I found this apartment for $1100 here in LA I would just die. I live in a $900 in a building that looks like a prison from the 60's!! Otherwise, what a beautiful place and amazing concept. Imagine how much vacationing people could do if they chose to live small from the beginning!!

Naomi's Single Family Home to a Duplex: Turning a Garage into an Apartment House Call
10/27/13 12:15 PM

That's quite the layout and space! I live in a 250 sq. ft. apartment in West LA... With a roommate! We manage to fit a twin bed, sofa bed, bookshelves, desk , coffee table, 2 tv's and numerous other things in our tiny apartment. The key? Use every bit of your wall space!

Our kitchenette is full of ikea rail systems and shelves to conserve cabinet space. A storage automan that can be moved will be a huge asset. Buy as many multiuse pieces as possible. Get unconventional. Our tv's are on the bookshelves. We forgo the dresser and hang everything we can, and store everything possible up high in our closet. For a while my second end table was a box drum. I have one drawer for all my clothes I don't hang... My suitcase! Consider underbed storage.

Living small forces you to get rid of junk and learn to fight clutter. Like others have mentioned, creating defined spaces or nooks helps to keep the space organized. Also, while it may not hold up long term, ikea is an affordable solution for storage and multi use pieces. I furnished most if my studio for 300 bucks. Have fun!

How To Arrange Furniture in Open Layout Studio? Good Questions
10/8/13 11:42 AM