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I volunteer at my son's school by cleaning 13 toilets and 11 sinks each week. I've noticed from previous workers that the wrong cleaners can ruin the fixtures and surfaces especially if they "sit" for too long and are allowed to dry and cure. I think you have the right plan so far. Use a mild cleaner, work quickly, and dry it up.

A Shiny New Shower & Tub: A Cleaning Regimen for Keeping them Perfect Forever
5/2/14 10:57 AM

The stairs pair well with the flooring, well done! I would have kept the previous light fixture as well. The "white" of the current fixture looks dingy since its surrounded by a more brilliant, clean white.

Before & After: A Vintage Victorian Entry Update
4/18/14 10:56 AM

Thank you, Mr. Klosky. Is your schedule written, digital, or both? Do you fill in all time increments? I've been working on mine lately and am trying to stick with it, but I get interruptions or distractions that interfere with my keeping on schedule.

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10/8/13 08:33 AM