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First picture reminds me a lot of our neighbor/uncle's house. And he goes under the nick name Mad dog and is a forever bachelor.. If it is a desirable design to follow?'s really cool and charming for those who lives the life, otherwise a little to country style for my taste. Really charming though.

All-American Guy Style Inside Man | Apartment Therapy New York
5/27/10 08:34 PM

If you go to Taos you should check the area of "earthships" out. Really cool. Altough it's said to cost a fortune to buy one of these houses!!??

Beer Can Houses, Circa 1970s | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/25/10 12:28 PM

Would rather have it sitting on that table..the bulkiness of it looks out of context like that. But cute idea..maybee in a country style home.

Mailbox Decor Idea | Apartment Therapy New York
5/21/10 12:51 PM

Absolutely amazing! I as a very picky person would like to live there! Has a lived in feel and everything seems to be perfect in

Lanz, Michael and Brent's Evolving History House (Part I) House Tour | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
5/20/10 08:11 PM

If you live in Seattle area you need to get a hold of him, he made some amazing dry stacked walls around my house and steps with those plants (I cant remember their name?) coming out of them. Such a nice and homey feel it sets to the house, you feel very welcomed every time you come home from a day in the city.

Inspiration: Dry-Stacked Stone Fences | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/9/10 12:01 AM

I am with the "whatever floats you boat"

I live in mid Florida and tan is the biggest hit here, at least on exteriour of houses. That might be why we found our temporary house (at least for two years) totally painted tan inside by my parents-in-law. It was a surprise and I was in chock. Grown up in Sweden I never seen this colour inside before, never would have chosen it myself and did not feel at home at all. I did the "forbiddden" and painted it all over again. It's good they still like me very much =)

So noone can really say what makes anyone else feel the best. Or make a list based on statistics.

And never paint someone elses house ;)

The Rights and Wrongs of Paint Colors | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/17/10 06:28 PM

I mean the coulour of the floor and the colour of the trim is not the same.

Wood Trim: To Paint or Not To Paint? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
2/16/10 07:39 PM

Due to the different colours of wood I would probably paint it. Depends on what furniture you've got too, is there any wood finish that wood be clashing with the trim? It looks like a spacey and nice room though, congrats!

Wood Trim: To Paint or Not To Paint? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
2/16/10 07:38 PM

My husband scribbled down "I love you" in small letters over the stove for me to find when I was gonna paint. I couldnt do but just paint a thin layer of paint over it so it still would shine through...

Writing On The Walls | Apartment Therapy DC
2/11/10 08:44 AM

My husband and I was forced to live in the back of our truck when trying to find jobs after a longer vacation last year. Beacuse of the recession we were no longer able to make money, noone could afford our services. And so we traveled from state to state where we had friends and were work had been found before. It ended up being a pretty and pleasant extra vacation for us although the frustration of living poorely and not finding jobs finally had us move to Florida were we have family we can stay with. I kinda miss the truck sometimes; waking up on the beach, next to a beautiful hiking trail and seeing the sunset every evening and a sunrise every morning.

But now really truly appreciate having a shower each day, cooking hot meals and not falling asleep cold.

Upsides and downsides with everything. But please dont look at them living in a car like trash. Sometimes life takes off into a different direction than what you had in mind, and it can happen to anyone.

True Tales Of Living Off The Grid | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/5/10 06:01 PM

I have the same colours on my walls it seems, although mine was simply blended myself with white and black. It does have a blue undertone though, it opens up the space but I discovered its a little harsh and cold to live in, yet I love the way colours pop.

Any idea what to use to make it feel warmer???

Please help

Hunter's First Home: An Exercise in DIY House Tour | Apartment Therapy DC
2/5/10 11:13 AM

I so wich my husband DID care. It's hard to predict what he wont like and what does make him happy to have around. Any tips for getting them involved?

Sharing the Decorating Without Destroying Your Relationship | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/1/10 02:20 PM

Cool getting to know some cultural differencies I have not even thought of yet, I moved to Us from Sweden a year ago. And yes, my back hurts. Maybee this is why?

How to: Make Beds Like A Swede | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/17/10 09:42 PM

I did just put a chair and behind it a roomdivider with hangers on. But that is more because we dont have any money to spend on new accessories so I do the best out of what we got. Looks cozy and stylish. But my intention though is to start chosing outfits and putting them on that chair every evening, so no last minute -and no pile, will ever exist in the space. And I guess, a more stylish look aswell!

Bedroom Chairs: Cozy Retreat or Clutter Magnet? | Apartment Therapy Boston
1/7/10 05:37 PM

SO beautiful. Perfect to spend a lazy sunday with brunch and bedtime with the loved one in. I want a shower in my bedroom too, like this;

Look through more of the photos in the article for great inspiration.

Bedroom Balconies | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/6/10 10:42 AM

Con Gratulations to the amazing place! It depends on your taste but I would go with the already quirqy feeling; saving the black floor, add a group of chairs in popping colour in a circle infront of the fire place. I believe the more organic forms instead of strict ones will soften up the narrowness and make it cozy. To get a seating area at the widows you could make built in benches deep as the radiator on both sides and add cushions to sit on (I cant really tell from the picture if this would work or not) Or place a small table there, a couple of chairs, a tray and glasses with liqour and you're ready to celebrate new years!

Best Furniture Arrangement for Long Narrow Living Room?Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
12/17/09 08:01 PM

If you are allowed to paint, paint the window wall white and extend the white curtains to almost cover the whole wall. This will make it look larger and take out the nice design of the windows. Maybee place a lamp nearby to play off the white shadows at night and make it interesting and cosy. Maybee even a blue light?

I would also move the furniture around so they face eachother, the sofa facing the window.

The red should only be on accents and maybee a more coral red tone. So out with the rug and enjoy your nice wood floor!

Help Tie Together My New Space? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/15/09 09:19 PM

I LOVE IT! I've been thinking about this lately, like where noone seem to care for the one thing you touch the first thing inside the door...First impression does'nt only include the view!

Ceramic Switch Covers by Frantic Art | Apartment Therapy New York
12/14/09 08:18 PM

I have been on for two years and have had so fun encountering these "strangers" (no longer! they rellly became good friends of mine and I am always welcomed back to stay or stay ay those whom stayed at my place. No need for sofa if feel uncomftble with that, a airmattress works of course too! (no bugs)
You gotta be open an adventorous though, but you will win alot unexpected moments. As the one weekend I spent with a nice black guy and his friends talking slang in Harlem, NY =)

Houseguests and Couchsurfers | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/7/09 10:18 AM

Combine the bikestorage with a table for studying with a bardesk-type of table and barchair to it. Long and thin along the right wall would be stylish. Opended at the end to just pull your bike into, bike leaning against the wall/table side. You probably have to build this one, but should be fairly easy. Cover the top of table with leather or a glasstop. Can be used as cosy diningnook for when company comes over. As the table is thin then you could have room for that extra sized bed if you want too! I hope you understand and like the idea.

Help Arranging Cramped Basement Studio? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
12/3/09 07:56 PM