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The best thing I've ever bought for storage were plastic shelves at Wal-mart; they completely disassemble and you can make them as tall or short as needed. I put them in all the closets. You can fit so much more stuff when you can Tetris it in, and it's much more accessible than plastic Rubbermaid-style tubs.

10 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Space
7/28/14 03:46 PM

Are people angry because someone they viewed as stupid and beneath them has become famous, rich, and made a game that has potentially useful lessons in it (thus proving she's not as dumb as you wish she was)? Or are people angry because they believed their interests to be above anything related to a "pointless" celebrity, and are angry she showed up in their intellectual, artsy bubble?

Say whatever ya want about Kim Kardashian, but the fact is: joke's on you. Call her vapid and shallow all you want, doesn't change the fact that she's savvy enough to insert herself into every aspect of the media...eventually even ending up here, indirectly.

I don't much care for her, but I'll give credit where it's due, and I certainly won't act like she's beneath me. Folks shouldn't indulge in intellectual snobbery just to elevate themselves. Angry hipsters everywhere in these comments, man. Kim is so mainstream she's invaded the unofficial Herman Miller fan site. Oh no!!

What Kim Kardashian Taught Me About Life
7/28/14 03:37 PM

I am a convert to a top sheet-free life. It always got tangled and twisted into almost a rope, and came untucked. It was so aggravating I wouldn't want to make the bed. It's just a small issue, but small, annoying things over time tend to be what mess with you the most. I switched to a duvet and fitted sheet set-up and haven't looked back. No tucking and I can stick both my feet out the bottom at night (yessss). I now actually make the bed everyday due to less hassle. Changing the duvet cover isn't difficult, and I buy cotton covers so I can just wash them at home with the fitted sheet and pillowcases. This is technically how a duvet/duvet cover is supposed to be used, anyway. The duvet cover IS the top sheet.

I saw someone say a standing mixer is useless? I suppose it is for most people. If you cook or bake everyday or multiple times a day, it's great. I use mine all the time. Depends on the person.

Don't Fall for It: 5 Things You Really DON'T Need At Home
7/14/14 09:37 AM

*of the flag code. Stupid auto-correct.

Flag Day: Americana From Our House Tours American Style
6/20/14 12:36 PM

If you want all the ins and outs do the flag code, here ya go:

Basic summary that would apply to home use: the flag proper should never be used as decor; flag inspired items with the incorrect number of stripes and/or stars is okay, nothing should touch the flag, if flown outside it is to be an all-weather flag and taken down at night unless illuminated by a light, it is to fly highest on a pole with multiple flags, if there are multiple poles, it is to be the tallest pole in the center (unless the flags are of different nations, then they are all same height and American flag goes to flag's right), flags from caskets can be folded and put into a case (it's shaped like a triangle). If you need a flag properly folded or properly destroyed you take it to your local VFW or American Legion.

Flag Day: Americana From Our House Tours American Style
6/20/14 12:36 PM

This is the exact reason I'm wary of using the community garden in our neighbourhood. A lot of people grow gardens around here, but nobody uses the community plot. Gardening takes a good bit of time and money; nobody wants to put that effort in just so someone else can come take it all.

Seattle is Home to America's First Community Food Forest Design News
6/20/14 12:14 PM

I hate gravel! So many destroyed shoes. I'd lay stones or bricks instead. Cheaper in the long run, as gravel eventually needs touched up. Just buy a few extra to replace any that break down the road. Cleaning is so much easier, too; just sweep it.

Perfect Patios: Hardscaping With Gravel
6/20/14 12:06 PM

Our recycling center keeps literally a mountain of broken down boxes available for anyone to take. Most of them are moving boxes from moving companies. It could just be a special case--we live on an army post and the recycling center is here as well--but perhaps more recycling centers do this as well?

8 Spots To Get Moving Boxes Free-Of-Charge
6/20/14 11:59 AM

Our living room, kitchen, and bathroom are "done." Sometimes I change little things, like where plants sit, but it's done. I love it. I love feeling so pleased with it. I don't ever want to change the decor in those rooms, haha. It's so calming to be in them and know they are done!

Our bedroom, on the other hand, has always had an identity crisis. Nothing seems "right" for it, and I hate that. Feels so uncomfortable and unstable.

Why You Should Stop Trying to Complete Your Decor
6/19/14 05:04 PM

Our living room, kitchen, and bathroom are "done." Sometimes I change little things, like where plants sit, but it's done. I love it. I love feeling so pleased with it. I don't ever want to change the decor in those rooms, haha. It's so calming to be in them and know they are done!

Our bedroom, on the other hand, has always had an identity crisis. Nothing seems "right" for it, and I hate that. Feels so uncomfortable and unstable.

Why You Should Stop Trying to Complete Your Decor
6/19/14 09:52 AM

I'm excited about this. I've been wishing Ikea had new items more often. Ikea isn't a traditional furniture store that sells the same collections for years, but it's not a typical home goods store that changes it's home decor products constantly. It's a weird in-between. As a consumer, I'd personally rather see short runs of all kinds of different designs, rather than long-runs of one or two collections that may or may not interest me. If I find something I like at Ikea, I go ahead and buy it. Our location seems to sell out of stuff FAST, but then there is no new collection for months to take it's place. Yeah, limited runs are usually for fashion, but home decor is fashion for your house, especially at their price points. And I'm not referring to furniture so much as I am textiles/dishes/wall decor/etc. I hope that is what they're gonna be changing up the most.

IKEA to Release 10 Collections a Year Design News
6/19/14 09:30 AM

There are also multiple styles of every decade; the 80s images show two distinct styles of the 80s, but the other decades' pictures don't offer that variety.

I think a fascinating topic would be to cover the specific styles of the decades, and styles that have carried on into today--other than just "modern" and "MCM", that is. Quite a bit of info about that already.

I think textiles are the major difference through the years rather than furniture itself.

Time Capsule: Design Through the Decades American Style
6/19/14 09:03 AM

I get it. Another site is earning advertising revenue while using the Ikea name and colour scheme. It's wrong; doesn't matter how big Ikea is or how small Ikea Hackers is. Ikea Hackers isn't Robin Hood!

There is also a liability issue here, which I believe is the main reason for this C&D. Ikea Hackers features tutorials for hacks that use Ikea products in a way they aren't meant to be used. For some stuff, this is fine. For others, though, it's a potential safety issue. I once saw someone advocating use Lack tables as the base for a bed and included a tutorial that amounted to just putting tables side-by-side (not evening bolting them to each other)...HORRIBLE idea.

All it takes is once person to follow a tutorial and end up getting hurt (or their kids, friends, whatever) and blame Ikea for it and sue the pants off them. Doesn't matter that it isn't an official Ikea site; someone would claim Ikea is at fault because Ikea Hackers shares the Ikea name, giving the presence of an official site/there was no warning on the Ikea products/Ikea should have shut down the site if it wasn't official.

IKEA Issues Cease & Desist to IKEAHackers Design News
6/17/14 05:53 PM

Colorful, happy paradise!

Jessica's \"More is More\" Small Cool Contest
6/11/14 04:29 PM

I grew up in a military family and now my husband is in the military. Things I've learned:

1) Don't throw out curtains just because they don't work in your current house. Always keep a box of curtains; your next home may have more windows, larger windows, small windows, etc.

2) Decorate all your rooms with colours and styles that coordinate. If your bedroom can't fit a chest of drawers, it can go in another room for storage (we used ours for storage in our dining room at our last house).

3) Don't fret about your furniture being the proper "scale" for your house. If you sell any of it, you'll most likely find yourself wishing you had it at your next home.

4) Multi-use items are your friend. Floor length drapes can be used on small or large windows. Gateleg tables can be used in spacious rooms or tiny rooms. Modular shelving can be arranged based on the need of any home you live in. Storage baskets are versatile enough for any room. Avoid furniture with a single particular use, such as over-the-toilet etageres.

5) If you have packers and/or movers, be nice, help them out, and provide them with lunch and beverages. If you scratch their backs, they'll scratch yours--in the form of being extra careful with your belongings.

Smart Tips for People Who Move Frequently
6/11/14 04:08 PM

People here only get get mad when "mid-century modern" furniture gets painted, let's be honest. Actual solid wood (not plywood with veneer) pieces from the 40s? Nobody cares. Dark-stained wood furniture from the 70s? Commenters declare it "horrific" and praise the white and neon yellow makeover. Ten years ago, nobody gave a hoot about furniture from the 50s and 60s...I know, cause I had some and everyone laughed and called it "grandma furniture." Haha.

Everything is just a trend. Some of the furniture pieces may survive a few centuries to become artifacts, in which case, nobody by then will probably even know or care about the brand name stamped on the bottom, and they certainly won't give a hoot about the colour. The museum placard will simply state: "American chair, circa 20th century."

It's the Law: How To Decide Whether (or Not!) to Makeover Your Latest Secondhand Find Comment of the Day
6/10/14 08:52 PM

I immediately lose these things as soon as I open a new package of bread. I think they go wherever the missing socks go.

10 Ways to Reuse Bread Tags Tips from The Kitchn
6/10/14 08:31 PM

We live in an adorable house built in the 50s, and I love it. I will be eternally mystified, however, as to why the switches for my stove light and stove exhaust are on the dining room wall.

Inheriting A Houseful of Quirks
6/10/14 08:29 PM

I don't know about other countries, but here in the U.S. it is against fire codes to have a home with no windows at all. Bedrooms have to have them (which means a studio must have a window), for safety purposes when one must escape (ie, fire). I don't see this ever happening here. Instead, it figure future tiny spaces will just have tiny windows.

Could Virtual Windows Make Tiny Spaces Livable? Design News
6/4/14 11:22 AM

This is the epitome of "first world problem." Just don't use the microwave. What would it even "tempt" you to do? Heat up water? The vent/light for the stove is built into this, so removing it is a poor decision if you actually cook at home. It's also a poor decision to remove it because this kitchen is not yours.

How Do I Hide a Built-In Microwave? Good Questions
6/4/14 10:38 AM