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Its great if you like jumping in a grocery store dumpster to get cardboard boxes, but that is not for me. I think these types of businesses are in fact green because a majority of people in the US will not go to Freecycle or Craigslist or go in a dumpster to get cardboard boxes. Its just the way it is. Most people will be buying new cardboard. And after they move they will dump that stuff which messes up our planet. Again, I think Freecycle and other ways to reuse cardboard are great and its what I do but most people will not. If these plastic boxes stop those people from buying new cardboard then I hope this company achieves extraordinary success. Not everyone "never buys a box" or "goes to dumpsters of their local grocery store".

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | A Green Solution to Those Pesky Moving Boxes ZippGo
10/25/09 05:05 PM

This is the most hilarious thing ever! Excellent post!

Apartment Therapy New York | Chindogu: UNuseless Japanese Inventions
10/24/09 03:18 PM

This fireplace is cool! I agree with others that the logo needs to go. Also, I'm really curious how big it is. From the picture it look slightly larger than a lightbulb.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Portable Fireplace by Electrolux
10/24/09 03:12 PM

If your into scrounging around for cardboard boxes, dumpster diving, and driving to random locations then this kind of service isn't for you. I've moved several times and absolutely hate it. I've got enough things going on in my life between work and my social life that I really don't want to be driving around looking for used cardboard boxes. Also, the one time I got cardboard boxes from a random person on Craigslist (cuz I was trying to be "Green"), the guy I got em from had them in his basement and they were dusty and dirty. It was pain trying to shove these boxes in my car. Never again. If you don't have a car, this service is even better. This service sounds perfect because for $120 I get all these boxes delivered to me and I'm all set. People spend $120 on a night out eating and drinking and on a pair of shoes. I for one will use this service for making my life 10X less stressful when I am moving.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | A Green Solution to Those Pesky Moving Boxes ZippGo
10/24/09 03:06 PM