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I absolutely love my RÅSKOG as a mobile pantry space for my current kitchen. It might end up as a nightstand table in the new place, but I have every confidence that it will be awesome wherever it ends up.

10 Functional & Flexible IKEA Products for Small Spaces
4/19/14 09:38 PM

Terrariums are good for that - you can put moss and ferns in a closed environment and have the green you want in a way your kitty can't get to it! Moss and ferns are good for areas with poor light, and succulents are fantastic for closed terrariums in sunlight.

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1/28/14 03:33 PM

My Raskog is totally my mobile pantry to supplement my minimal cabinet space :) Love this cart so much!

How To Use the $50 IKEA RÅSKOG Cart in Every Room of the House
1/21/14 12:11 PM

Captain Awkward has a great advice post about inequality over household chores.

The Battle of the Sexes Continues: Does It All Come Down to The Dishes?
12/18/13 03:11 PM

Gorgeous room! Love the light in the dining area, and the overall comfortable feel. I love hearing about designing on a budget, especially when I'm contemplating a move soon and needing to really budget myself decorating-wise.

Before & After: From Blank Slate to Simply Stunning
11/5/13 10:45 AM

*laughs* Everyone should go check out the reaction videos for Amnesia - they're hilarious.

10 Scariest Video Games to Play in the Dark for Halloween Apartment Therapy Game Room
10/25/13 04:10 PM

I absolutely love those sliding barn doors - I might be buying a home next year, but all I keep wanting is something so cozy like this!

Naomi's Single Family Home to a Duplex: Turning a Garage into an Apartment House Call
10/25/13 04:06 PM

So nice to see IKEA stuff in that adorable space! Loved how cozy and eclectic it was, and I loved the "Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry" pic in the bedroom. Made me smile!

Elizabeth's Color-Filled Apartment House Tour
10/25/13 01:11 PM

I do that too! Every time I watch Property Brothers or Love It Or List It, every time the budget takes one of those "unexpected" hits, I watch for cost-cutting using IKEA shelving.

Take the Quiz: Spot the IKEA!
10/9/13 03:04 PM

I do a lot of crock-potting - can I do this before slow cooking, or is this more for stove top cooking?

Make Any Cut of Meat Taste Amazing with a Quick Brine Tips from The Kitchn
10/3/13 09:51 AM