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Beautifully neutral and calm. Your cute little pops of color pull it all together. This is so well done.

And your dog! Pure sweetness.

Oliver & Sherrie's Mini Bronx Loft House Tour
12/19/13 01:42 AM

I can't resist an explosion of color on top of my comfy, Earthy neutrals. I just never chose one or the other. This apartment...THAT'S the color explosion I crave.

I'm all giddy when I read this, after painting my foyer nearly an electric violet, with a pre-painted kitchen in the shade of yellow dangerously similar to that of the sitting room. It's so very special to me. This tour makes me so happy! Fabulous work.

Amy's Vintage Jewel Tone Apartment House Tour
12/15/13 11:16 PM

Every inch of this home is so very curious and cute. Inspired!

Jill & Dan's Lighthearted Home House Tour
12/11/13 08:03 PM

Really lovely. Of course, I like everything. Especially your dining area.

I'm sitting on my sofa, lights off, tree glowing, snow outside...And the Friendsgiving makes me feel so warm inside.

Christine's Festive DC Table House Tour
12/6/13 06:17 PM

I'm always drawn to red and gold Christmas wrapping, especially against recycled brown paper - It matches my set of sphere ornaments - but I think I'll do blue and silver, this year. If a little red gets thrown in, that's okay because I am IN LOVE with the plaid in the first photo.

Gift Wrap Guide: Classic Prints
12/6/13 06:05 PM

I need to tell you...I'm enamored with your marriage of Bohemian and minimalist. I've never really seen that before and it's amazingly well done, here. Your home is so fresh and simple, and I can see so much natural air and light flowing through...yet all the nooks and crannies are garnished perfectly with some of my very favorite things. You have so many impressive pieces in one space, yet I know I could still breathe if I were a guest in your home. Every room is just beautiful! What an amazing tour.

And you know I'm going to be checking up on the merchant who made that bed frame and those tables! Kind of precisely what I am searching for as of late.

Lauren's Idyllic Home in Silver Lake House Tour
12/3/13 08:43 PM

This is such a sweet little room. Cute beyond belief! You have such an eye for color.

I used to play with that very same toy apple - sitting inside one of the white mounted boxes - when I was little and visiting the neighbors. It's the one that jingles when you roll it, yes?

Also...those pillows on the floor. They give me happiness! I really love them. One of my favorite items in the room.

It makes me hope and wish even moreso that I someday have a girl.

Maja's Magical Space Kids Room Tour
12/3/13 08:24 PM

These are beautiful! But I'd be too scared the paper I worked so hard on would be torn to pieces... :)

Gift Wrapping Guide: Homemade Papers
11/21/13 09:07 PM

A few years ago I went from shop to shop, buying the new, beautiful things for all of my family, going the extra mile to buy them...all to make up for the year before, when I failed to give any presents. A year or two after that, I really began trying to commit to various ways to boycott poisonous corporations and stick to local, community vending...So I started buying at the thrift shops and flea markets around town, and a little bit of local art and Etsy to the side. I have found some highly affordable and AMAZING thrifted gifts for my family when shopping in this way. Never do I want to go back to a big box Christmas.

This was before my nephews came along, but still I feel like there isn't much choice when it comes to the toys they love. My mother always instilled in me a sort of disdain for secondhand toys, especially stuffed animals. But those can be cleaned and repaired. A lot of things can. I think I'll be taking this new perspective for children's gifting and try it out this year.

This is a beautiful idea! I will enjoy the hunt ahead. Thank you for sharing this.

Why I'm Buying Secondhand Toys This Christmas
11/21/13 09:01 PM

Truly one of the most beautiful tours I've seen here. Every photo has left me awestruck! Love each and every remarkable inch. EVERYTHING. What a treasure of a home!

But guess what I'm not loving? The complaints in these comments above.

It isn't your home. The owners/architects weren't thinking of/scheming to upset you with the various decisions you happen to dislike. They can leave their toilet seat up if they wish and if they want religious artwork in the lav, then that's where it should go. Keep in mind, maybe that was the only room that worked as a bathroom for that particular section of the house.

Seriously, I see hundreds of comments here on AT, ordering homeowners to ''fix'' something ''offensive'' and I feel an intense need to mention that such open disdain for the personal taste of people we'll never meet is actually downright obnoxious.

Dan & Sarah's Songbird Church House House Tour
11/15/13 10:35 PM

Why on Earth did I call you ''AP?'' I'm sleepy.

10 Unusual Color Combos That Really Work
11/11/13 12:09 AM

I also need to show some love for the blue patio walls, the pink and blue room, and that mustard velvet sofa...Oh, my stars...

10 Unusual Color Combos That Really Work
11/11/13 12:08 AM

I came for inspiration involving the three or four rooms I wish to paint, and while I still am not certain, I'm glad to see an adventurous post about color, because I want to PLAY. I'm just not feeling about 80% of the various examples in magazines or other more conventional showcasing of home d├ęcor. Thank you so much for this, AP. I knew I could count on you! PINNED.

10 Unusual Color Combos That Really Work
11/11/13 12:05 AM

I've fallen in love with the final photo! The dishes mounted against that blue wall are so pretty!

I'm also confused a little by the fourth dining spot. The tables/chairs blocking up the space right in front of the doors would drive me batty. It's a wonderful spot for a dining table but wouldn't you want to free up enough space to get in and out without shuffling the furniture?

Five Real Dining Nooks that Really Work
11/10/13 11:54 PM

I think it could become a bad idea if, say, one fell in love with the tip and never caught themselves going overboard. Otherwise, if we were to treat the tip as more of an accent than a rule [I sure as heck hope that makes sense], it could work much better.

I love your description of annoyance! That's originally the only thing I wanted to tell you, but it's best I stick to a more useful contribution to what is now our discussion. :)

8 Stylists' Tricks That Really Work
11/10/13 11:48 PM

The natural and industrial elements, as well as the colorful accents with the neutral darks [Phew!] ...Are put together so beautifully! My hubs is expressing a lot of interest in more upscale/conventional things, but I will certainly be working to incorporate a lot of the secondhand/flea market finds whenever I possibly can. It's all I've known. Why stop?

The story of Joey's [?] love for their fig tree was so cute! It made me smile. Never be ashamed of your plant love. I can't wait to dress our home up with plants. They really ARE like children. They need our love.

Beautiful home, you two. Thank you for sharing with us.

Joey and Antoni's Brooklyn Charmer House Tour
11/4/13 08:18 PM

Beautiful, from top to bottom. Everything. Well done, Shira!

Shira's Berkeley Bungalow House Tour
10/12/13 11:16 PM

I noticed it too! If it were built at a sharper angle to the first floor, it just wouldn't look as nice. I think that's the trick to a detail you've just made me realize I appreciate.

Shira's Berkeley Bungalow House Tour
10/12/13 11:16 PM

I think it's a wonderful idea to try a calm and neutral color for the walls with whichever accents of brighter colors. I love the green for a baby's nursery, clothing, etc...Especially for parents who won't know the gender until the child is born. Green is a gender neutral color, no regrets once one decides to use it...and the choice of mint is absolutely lovely. You've done so well with these touches of plum and lavender, and the rainbow colors! What a gosh-darn gorgeous nursery! Some epic pinning is about to happen. Beautiful job. It is perfect.

Jane's Soft, Mint Nursery My Room
10/12/13 10:54 PM

It isn't entirely a style I take after but I love his home. The shapes and colors of the walls, paint, doorway, etc. are just gorgeous. I do love the antlers on yellow on grey, though. That's kinda genius. Oh, and the dog...Sweetness. <3 That's a wonderful patio, too. Seems quiet and private. I second the confusion...Why on earth sell such a magnificent place?

Nick's Beachwood Canyon Modern Mix House Tour
10/9/13 09:19 PM