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Great job! I know which space I'd rather have dinner in :)

Before & After: Builder-Grade Basics Get Beautiful
5/27/14 12:24 PM

I think this looks awesome. I would get sick of orange-- maybe would have gone black with this one. But, I'm a skeerdy cat about color! Nice work and you saved hundreds!

Before & After: Orange You Glad Rita Refreshed This Craigslist Dresser?
12/20/13 01:00 PM

It certainly is an improvement, but unless this is a child's bathroom, I have to disagree with the cloud and bird motif.

Before & After: A Stylish Bathroom Transformation
11/22/13 10:50 AM

This is looking, dare I say, a bit whimsical! I love this fun kid's piece...good eye.

Before & After: Danielle Gets a New Nightstand
11/20/13 08:22 PM

Nice job! And I'm a proud paint hater. And also not a mint person.

Before & After: A Dressed-Up Dresser
10/29/13 09:04 PM

We have one of those too and I agree with you its the worst. I work from home so I lose about an entire minute every day just standing there waiting for that thing to flush. That's 6 HOURS a year and yes I counted once!

What Is Your Biggest Home \"Embarrassment\"?
10/15/13 12:08 AM

I love how the Orange (capitalized for reverence here) is echoed on the opposite wall.

Paisan's \"East Meets West\" Room room for color contest
10/2/13 10:47 PM

So charming and cozy! Come decorate my house please :)

Taylor's Sweet Little House House Tour
10/2/13 07:24 PM