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Thank you!!!

Ivy and Marlow's Charming Vintage Haven Nursery Tour
3/28/14 11:16 AM

Does anyone know anything about the print of the little girl reading inside the bear? I would so appreciate a link!

Ivy and Marlow's Charming Vintage Haven Nursery Tour
2/5/14 04:52 PM

I can't speak to your refinishing question, but in case you were curious why this desk might have been cobbled together from real wood and a fake top, it's because it's a sewing cabinet - the original top would have been wooden, too, and would have had a part that opened up on the right side (your right, when looking at it), and a sewing machine would have flipped up from underneath. What this means is that comparing the drawers, et al, might not help, since I'm thinking the top got added later, once someone decided to stop using this for sewing.

I have a beautiful one very similar to this that I use as a desk, too, though the removable panel is a little wobbly--probably why yours got a new top :) The apparatus that held the machine in place got broken in a move, so it just sits next to the cabinet on the floor now.

How To Tell if Secondhand Desk is Veneer or Laminate & How Do I Refinish It? Good Questions
10/2/13 05:12 PM