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I'm going through a phase of really hating my house. Living in a small house wouldn't be a problem, if it didn't have absolutely zero storage space. I have to fit almost everything I own in one closet-less room and I can't figure out a way of making it look tidy, let alone attractive.

How To Chase Those Living Small Blues Away
5/28/14 01:34 PM

Can anyone recommend an alternative to curtains for hiding clutter? My house doesn't have any closets, so I wanted to create a makeshift closet by hanging curtains across the short wall of my bedroom. The problem is I have a six-month-old kitten who loves to climb curtains and would ruin them straight away. Is there anything else I could use to get my stuff out of sight?

6 Tried-and-True Tips for Making Small Spaces More Livable
4/9/14 12:01 PM

One year my mum hid my brother's Christmas presents in his own closet, thinking that was the last place he'd expect them to be. She told him about it years later and he's pretty much never forgiven her.

Do You Have An Established Holiday Hiding Spot?
12/13/13 05:17 PM

One of my cats has claimed a towel on the bathroom floor that fell off the rack. I can't bring myself to take it away from him. My other cat likes to sit on the desk, preferably on the laptop if she can get away with it. She's sitting right next to me now watching me type.

Does Your Pet Have a \"Spot?\"
10/2/13 06:34 AM