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Cambria, I know this is the 100th time i'm begging you but are you sure you won't reconsider my apprenticeship offer? :)

From Frame To Fabric: Making An Ottoman From Scratch Week Four: Oh, That Little Thing? Yeah, I Made It. No Sweat. | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
1/30/10 06:29 AM

1) I was referring to "interior" designers and decorators.

2) nileslemon, your statement, " fashion design and upholstery aren't that different. We are just upholstering humans". I would 100% disagree with.

Ps. I previously had a business making jackets so have some experience working with fabrics for clothing.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | An Upholstering Primer: Part 4 of 4 — All About Fabric Guest Post from Matthew Haly of The Furniture Joint
10/31/09 09:01 AM

It really isn't a matter of righteousness or that "established upholsterers" like myself are dismissing the issue. The Furniture Joint has completed various projects that have incorporated environmentally friendly elements. We have a large stock of reclaimed wood and we always are exploring new products to the market. I am merely stating the facts about what is entailed and what is available. If the truth or reality is hard to read, so be it.

It seems that the main point of my post was missed by some. Let me reiterate; the popular retail phrases that seem to be casually thrown around these days ("We use only natural, non-toxic & biodegradable materials", or "We offer eco-friendly, green furniture") is simply misleading.

Perhaps by simply stating that a certain portion of their product (be it a sofa or a chair) is environmentally friendly would be more fitting/honest from a marketing and advertising perspective.

The reason there are "" around the word natural when I discussed latex foam is because there are several different types of latex foam and not all of them are 100% natural.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | An Upholstering Primer: Part 3 of 4 — The Truth About Green Upholstery Guest Post from Matthew Haly of The Furniture Joint
10/23/09 10:02 PM