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Great to see the DCA being recognised on here! Such a nice surprise and well deserved. There's a lot of change taking place here in the city (anyone who's interested just has to look at Twitter with #Dundee to get a glimpse) and it's an exciting time too!

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3/27/14 03:36 PM

Love the feel of the place! Can I ask where the large mirror is from?

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11/6/13 07:39 AM


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10/10/13 07:37 AM

I have just burst into tears reading your comment "Baby Jane" - our pets really form a part of the family and a home. It's lovely to read your fond memory. My partner surprised me with a rescue kitten last year and we just celebrated her first birthday. She tends to "follow" the sun as each room changes throughout the day. Now it's getting colder here, her favourite place is to lie on our legs (bonus, saves on heating!) but she's also taken to sitting on top of our Victorian doors. It's a cat thing I'm told...

Does Your Pet Have a \"Spot?\"
10/1/13 03:03 PM