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I have used and loved many of Rachel Ray's recipes from her magazine. They are simple and delicious.

Cheap-O: Under-$10 Dinners We'd Like to TryRachael Ray Magazine | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/23/10 08:22 AM

I made Martha Stewart's butternut squash lasagna, to two groups and they both loved it. It was great. The flavors are surprisingly subtle and go so well together.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Holiday Food: Talk About Your Triumphs
1/5/09 10:01 PM

Soymilk, coffee, eggs, oatmeal, onions, garlic, and beans are the staples this time of year. There are usually more vegetables in the cart but it varies widely from week to week what I get.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What Foods Do You Buy Weekly?
11/17/08 02:01 PM

Every time that I have made baked eggs it always takes almost twice the amount of time as the recipe says. I don't really understand but when they do come out they are delicious.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Recipe Review: Mark Bittman's Baked Eggs with Tomato (for a Weekend Brunch Crowd)
10/6/08 11:04 AM

I don't want to be boring but I think that chili is still my favorite. Though, I just tried a vegetable curry that easily takes second place.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Thursday Giveaway: 7-Quart Slow Cooker from Calphalon
9/26/08 07:44 AM

I would use this on my boyfriend's work shirts, he never irons them and so he never wears them. He just wears the same ones that don't wrinkle over and over again. He refuses to get rid of the ones that he needs to iron though. I don't get it, at all.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Thursday Giveaway: Rowenta IS1430 1400-Watt Pro Compact Steamer Los Angeles
9/11/08 12:53 PM

I have the Asko model and I love it. It does take some getting used to but it is completely worth is for the space that I save not having a separate dryer. When the weather cooperates I hang-dry my clothes but otherwise I start it in the morning before I go to work and it is done when I get home. So it really doesn't matter that it takes longer (and I don't have to be there to switch it to the dryer). Also, the Asko is energystar rated.

Apartment Therapy New York | All-In-One Washer and Dryer Combinations Washington DC
9/5/08 12:58 PM

I have made only one notable ice cream, peanut butter with caramel swirl. It. was. so. awesome.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Thursday Giveaway: Scoop and Store Ice Cream With OXO
8/28/08 02:02 PM

So many household projects for me to do. A new duvet for my bedroom, curtains for my living and dining rooms, recovering the new(used) chairs that I just picked up, and way too many others to mention right now.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Unplggd Thursday Giveaway: Singer Curvy 8763 Sewing Machine
8/8/08 11:23 AM

I have found that baking soda works well. Put enough water in the pot to cover the bottom and then sprinkle the bad area with enough baking soda so that you can't see it. Let it sit for a while (the longer the better). Scrub it off. If it is really bad it may take a couple of tries.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Kitchen Nightmares: Cleaning Scorched and Burnt Food Off Pots and Pans
7/24/08 05:57 AM

Anything that I have ever cleaned with Dr. Bronner's was coated with a whitish residue. Dishes were especially bad. I have gone back to using mostly baking soda, borax and vinegar.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Simple Green: Taking the Doctor's Orders
7/22/08 11:44 AM

Can't live without control C and V.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Thursday Giveaway: Atmostheory Command Prints
7/18/08 01:45 PM

I exclusively eat whole wheat pasta and do not really notice a difference when it is spaghetti, fettuccine or angel hair. I can tell more of a difference with penne and fusilli but I still like it. Maybe I am just used to it now.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Do You Cook with Whole Wheat Pasta?
6/11/08 01:35 PM

I like shortbread with tea. Yummy!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Thursday Giveaway: Mystic Garden Tea Set from Yedi
5/16/08 11:33 AM

This would be a perfect addition to my newly remodeled kitchen!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Thursday Giveaway: Two Winescapes from Paul Allen Design
5/16/08 11:25 AM

Peter Reinhart's new book on baking whole grain breads is also fantastic! It is a real reference that will continue to be useful.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Weekend Reading: Favorite Cookbooks on Baking Bread
5/2/08 07:12 AM

I got the 7 quart one (in red) 3 months ago and have been using it non-stop since. I bought it when it was on sale around Christmas time for the 59.99 price and I think that it is definitely worth it.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Hot Sale Alert: Martha Stewart Dutch Ovens at Macy's
5/2/08 07:09 AM

Cumin or red chili flakes are the next most common ground spices used in my kitchen

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Thursday Giveaway: Linden Sweden Double Grinder
4/3/08 10:24 AM

That scarf would match my coat perfectly

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Gift Bag 2007: Pink Scarf from Swans Island Blankets
12/17/07 06:41 PM

I love the grill pan, I have been coveting this for so long.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Holiday Gift Bag 2007: Win a Le Creuset 6-Piece Set in Caribbean
12/17/07 05:59 PM