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any cheeseshop in Holland has these to cut the cheese :)
there is just no other way to properly cut big pieces, a wire on a board is also used often

Look! Two-Handled Cheese Knife
6/10/11 08:49 AM

@laflygirl Miele is a very populair european brand of very good quality. I have a dishwasher and had numerous different appliances from them over the years in different houses

Help, My Kitchen Is Possessed! When Appliances Act Crazy
5/20/11 05:40 AM

I build myself one of these:

easy as pie to do it yourself.

Where Do You Place Your Vinyl Collections?
11/18/10 08:22 AM

I have one of these, it`s just great!
Healthy steamed food for the little one, what more can you give them

Win this Babycook from Beaba! Holiday Giveaway 2009 | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
12/18/09 05:46 AM

@bepsf you are so right, I work in an open office plan and the first thing that happened is that everyone is creating seperate spaces for themselves. I don`t want to hear the telefone conference my collegue is doing, I don`t want to hear the stupid jokes from the guy 6 desks down, no I want to get my work done and when I`m done I`ll ask him to tell me a joke

The Office Living Room Trend Watch | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/3/09 04:40 AM

I have a orange wall in my living room and black pieces of furniture against it, really love it. It`s a retro orange so it`s really out there and gives a nice flow through the house when the sun comes in.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Orange and Black Rooms... All Year Round?
10/23/09 09:39 AM