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Whether concrete is sustainable or not is an ongoing debate. It is certainly recyclable and natural for the most part. Its also a very versatile material and quite beautiful....We do counters, sinks and objects for the home:

How to Make Modern Cement Planters Using Packaging
2/21/11 01:44 PM

Absolutely amazing! This is probably one of the most beautiful spaces featured here in awhile. It makes me sorely miss my old mill loft. This is the perfect mix of industrial and contemporary, of texture, color and warmth. What a great space to boot!

Tim's "Old Boot" of a Carriage House
House Tour

1/12/11 12:40 PM

Stunning- little more can be said.

Lisa & Dan's Curated Family Farmhouse
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11/28/10 09:30 AM

Some nice drop pendants(maybe four or five evenly spaced).

A classic tiled backsplash for depth/texture and contrast.

Replace the slider with some french doors.

Help Us Save Our Kitchen! Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
3/15/10 10:28 AM

It really depends on your budget and how skilled you are.... I am currently renovating our bathroom- it was 110 years old and I had to completely gut it. It is a 7'x7' bathroom- I have spent several thousand on it and I didn't go high end on anything and I am doing all the work myself.
I have found that you can get inexpensive vanity packages at the box stores but after that you are looking at a huge jump in costs if you want anything other than what they offer on the cheap.
New fixtures, a counter top are options to dress it up and tie it in.
Are you replacing the floor?

Should I Reuse this Bathroom Vanity? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
3/4/10 09:57 AM

Hi Erin-
I do feel your pain....hmmm.... The trick is to make choices that are timeless. I do like the blue in the adjoining room. It's got a nice mid-century feel. Perhaps choose a green of the same value for the cabinets. Do some hand-distressing of the cabinets, paint, distress some more, and then do a clear varnish or rub in a wax to give them a vintage look. I would also take down the upper cabinets (at least the ones on the oven side) and replace with open shelving. Replace that ceiling fixture with an old (rewired) schoolhouse style pendant(s). The floor needs help too. Maybe look into marmoleum. (They have great colors and it's a green product). Good luck! and have fun!

How To Bring Vintage Charm to Remodeled Kitchen? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
12/7/09 09:06 AM