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Hmm, this could be cool on the back of the bedroom door. I don't think I'd want a swath of bright green through any part of my house I see on a regular basis! Not to mention the dusting...

Look! LEGO Walls
5/27/11 06:14 PM

This cake looks like a plastic toy, not food. It's unrealistic to expect to get a highly unnatural look with only natural ingredients. How 'bout serving a natural cake on colorful plates/ with colorful decorations instead?

Ideas for a Healthier Rainbow Cake?
Good Questions

5/27/11 06:05 PM

We use storage inserts and boxes to keep ours looking neat and organized. The door inserts have backs that keep anything from falling behind, and since they hide the books you don't have to keep them in picture-perfect order. The double drawer inserts are great for organizing craft supplies, diaper supplies, baby dishes, etc. And pull-out storage boxes make it easy to move blocks and other small toys to different areas, as well as hiding clothes and blankets.

It would also be pretty easy to add color and pattern to the inserts with some contact paper or paint.

Setting Up A Play Nook In A Small Space
Talkin' Chow Playin' House

5/27/11 04:31 PM

Whenyouseesparks: Urban Outfitters has some great options ranging from $40-200.

Using Colorful Textiles
Table Tonic

5/24/11 12:10 PM

I think the first one works just fine for girls - last I checked we do wear pants and shirts. Don't dresses and skirts usually hang in the closet, anyway?

The Training Dresser From Peter Bristol

5/18/11 12:02 PM

I love the painted design, the deeper colors, and the vintage look.

Zea's Scandi Nursery
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #16

5/11/11 07:36 PM

Something about this little guy is really appealing. I love it!

Softie Mandrake Wall Vase by Lizette Greco
Etsy Find

4/20/11 04:35 PM

Britomart: Because if you don't color-code your baby to match its genitalia, you will turn it gay.

Gender-Neutral and -Specific Color Combos
4/2/11 01:43 AM

I'm partial to this one.

Masked Poster
Daily Find

3/8/11 03:01 PM

Agreed - the sad little garland almost seems like a joke in that first room.

I love grey and industrial furniture, but it has to balanced by some warmth or it feels like a prison. Who would want their child living in a room without light and color?

French Industrial in the Kids' Room?
3/8/11 02:55 PM

You can also DIY something similar using a simple canvas over-the-door shoe organizer for a fraction of the price. Use stencils or stamps to add letters or symbols.

Grey Wally Wall Organizer
2/25/11 06:26 PM

BTW: kingswhereitcounts, you don't think safety is a key aspect of good design? Looks aren't everything.

The Ultimate Homemade Crib
2/18/11 12:04 PM

Nice re-purposing.

Much nicer than the cardboard box my kid uses as a Moses basket.

I had the same reaction to the safety of using this as a "crib", but chances are good the parents are already aware of potential risks, and if not, they will be now.

I'm more surprised that the author of this entry didn't mention it.

The Ultimate Homemade Crib
2/18/11 12:01 PM

Here's an article with several ideas-the mirror one is cool:

I also like the look of stacked books:

Or potted plants:

And white fireplaces look really great filled with stacked wood:

What To Do With Non-Functional Fireplace?
Good Questions

2/15/11 06:24 PM

This is my favorite: <a her="">Plywood Clock</a>.

It's great for bedrooms because it has a sweeping, not ticking, second hand.

Classic Clocks for Every Room of the Home
2/8/11 05:23 PM

These aren't gendered, they'd be great for any kid.

Pillows for a Tween Boy Room
1/30/11 02:04 PM

Totally unnecessary, but it is indeed cute.

Baby Bullet: From The Makers of Magic Bullet
1/20/11 12:37 PM

I prefer our Ergo - it's actually comfortable for me, better for my baby, and the organic version comes in tons of colors.

Baby Björn Organic
1/19/11 04:44 PM

I love the animal bookends but similar ones I've seen are weighted with iron filings. The website doesn't say what these are weighted with, but if it's iron I'd be worried about kids or pets ingesting the filling.

New Designs From Serena & Lily
1/18/11 06:39 PM

I don't think $20 is unreasonable at all, especially considering the expensive designer nursery gear that is regularly featured on this site. The amount of time and effort I'd have to expend to copy this product is definitely worth $20 to me.

I do wish they weren't made in China. I would actually be willing to pay more for dolls made in the US of eco-friendly materials.

DIY Ugly Dolls
12/10/10 10:03 AM