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Wow, this is amazing! This is how I want my apartment to look!

Apartment Therapy - #24 - Kemi's Contemporary Classic Harmony
10/26/07 02:40 PM

ughh...that is just gross! i don't think i could ever let my keyboard get that nasty lol...

Apartment Therapy - Win a New Apple Keyboard!
8/27/07 08:12 PM

how does this work? what if your phone isn't in your sight? i think i'd rather have it just ring...and if you don't like to hear it ring, you can put your phone on vibrate.

Apartment Therapy - Mathmos Astro Light Charms
8/27/07 08:09 PM

wow, these are great! i've never seen mailboxes like that before. i love how they are each unique and not just cookie-cutter mailboxes. beautiful :)

Apartment Therapy - AT Europe: Tuscany, Italy - Private Mailboxes
8/27/07 08:02 PM

I think the "karate chop" is alright but not as much as it was in that picture above...that was ridiculous lol! most designers don't do it THAT extreme! i like a little dent in it...just to make the pillow look not so perfect.

Apartment Therapy - "Karate Chop" to your pillows?
8/26/07 05:44 PM

testing testing...

Apartment Therapy - How's the New Comment System?
8/26/07 05:26 PM