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Why don't we just take a clue from other countries and use locks that show red on the outside when a stall is occupied and locked.

Tooshlights Eliminate the Awkward Search for Open Bathroom Stalls Design News
7/16/14 06:05 PM

Sorry, but I think it's rude to make that kind of change to someone else's property without permission. Just ask! What's so hard about that? If your landlord says no, well, that's their right as owner of the home. I had one very lovely landlord with a single townhome unit purchased as a modest investment. It had awful wallpaper in the bedroom, and the landlord gave me permission to take down the paper and repaint. Had I done so without asking, he probably would have been pissed, and rightly so.

Fess Up: Have You Ever Painted A Rental Without Permission?
7/15/14 12:34 PM

Just a note, but if you're going to paint you did not need to sand down to bare wood. You could have just scuffed up the finish and painted right over it.

Before & After: A Boring and Brown Dresser Turns Cool and Clever
7/13/14 05:03 PM

I just don't understand the bare bulb look. Does anyone enjoy staring directly into a lightbulb? I don't.

10 Under $200: Ceiling Lights That Provide Real Light
7/10/14 10:12 PM

For safe disposal of old fire extinguishers, try the place where you buy a new one. I had an old one that came with my house. It was oooold, so I took it to be recharged. Turns out it was a type that's no longer used and so it didn't make sense to recharge it. I bought a new one (plus a mini one for under the kitchen sink) and they gladly kept the old one. The town where I work has a little business that does fire extinguishers and awnings/upholstery. They are experts - much better than the big box stores!

It's Probably Time for a Replacement: 8 Easy-To-Forget-About Household Items
7/1/14 10:14 PM

I'm confused. It says they rent the house, not own, so how do they also have a tenant? Do they sublet part of the house?

Maureen's Classic & Comfy Austin Abode House Tour
3/30/14 03:24 PM

The damage to the sprayer looks like metal coating flaking off plastic, which does not seem like a great, high quality design. Like the poster above, I do not intend to be mean, but it may be an off-brand without a good warranty.

Who Manufactures this 2006 Kitchen Faucet? Good Questions
3/28/14 10:58 AM

Pilling means there is an issue with the thread. Either it was spun too loosely and/ or the staple length of the fiber was short.

Why Organic Fabrics Are Worth the Money Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/27/14 09:43 PM

Quilting may be the exception, but for any other type of sewing, I always prewash the fabric.

Craft Advice from the Pros: 10 Tips for Sewing and Quilting Missouri Star Quilt Company
3/21/14 04:56 PM

I love the glass ceiling, but is it double paned glass? Looks like it could be quite cold.

Jaclyn's Down-to-Earth Live/Work Apartment House Tour
3/17/14 01:50 PM

Your local weavers' guild may have a sale sometime during the year, often before the holidays. There's no better way to find a textile made locally than to buy it directly from the artist.

Team USA: 10 All-American Textile Manufacturers
2/27/14 08:46 PM

I guess old dogs can't learn new tricks. But the IKEA cabinet legs are good trick. It's much easier to level using the adjustable legs on an old unlevel floor than trying to level a large base like that.

Dan's Kitchen: Drywall, Part 3 Renovation Diary
2/13/14 10:24 PM

Lavacha, where do you get the foam rubber balls? I looked on amazon. There are a ton of dryer ball products, but I don't see anything designed to be used in the washer.

How To Remove Pet Hair Everywhere: From Furniture, Floors and More
2/2/14 02:58 PM

Finally took care of this task. I got the CableBox, which someone else mentioned: . Even more of a miracle is that I somehow got all the cords to my router reconnected correctly.

Worth It: Clear Up Cord Clutter January Cure Assignment #14
2/1/14 04:30 PM

I think the picture is just for illustration of a list. I don't think the author is suggesting we all paint our fridges with chalkboard paint. If you read the article, it was actually a good idea.

Quick Weekend Task: Make an Ongoing DIY Project Shopping List
2/1/14 04:28 PM

I certainly didn't do all of the assignments, but I did get benefit from the ones I did complete. I love the look of my sparkly fridge that is no longer jammed full of old condiments. It's a little thrill whenever I open it. Also, I am taking some of the concepts and will continue to refine. I didn't get to the cord organization assignment yet, but I just bought a little organizer box and cord keeprs, so I'll work on that soon.

Weekend Chores: Relax & Celebrate! The January Cure Assignment #22
1/31/14 12:14 PM

Anyone have tips for laundry? My kitties sleep with me, and despite washing the sheets in hot water on the most aggressive cycle, they still end up coming out of the dryer with little fuballs on them. So annoying! Any tips?

How To Remove Pet Hair Everywhere: From Furniture, Floors and More
1/30/14 03:20 PM

I have a tiny kitchen, too, and the black applad doors don't overwhelm it. Don't be afraid to go dark.

Style Selector: Finding the Best IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Doors for Your Style
1/29/14 07:43 PM

No shame here. Home Depot has won my loyalty thought their excellent return policy. It's great that I can just grab whatever I think I will need for a project, knowing that I can return extras later without a problem. I even returned a dryer I bought after using it for a week and realizing I'd cheaped out and not gotten one with the right features. Now I was very clear that I had used the dryer and was fully prepared to be refused, but they let me exchange it for a nicer and more expensive model (paying the difference, of course). And I have probably spent thousands there since.

Return Shame: You Either Have It or You Don't
1/24/14 10:38 PM

I had teh same problem when I bought my house. The textured shower floor was grey. Only magic eraser finally got it clean.

How to Clean Your Shower and Keep it That Way: 5 Quick Tips
1/23/14 10:24 PM