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oops - I just found out I didn't have the neodymium magnets. Thanks for the tip - I just bought some online -maybe they'll make my efforts worthwhile!

Apartment Therapy - Krylon Magnetic Spray Paint
8/26/07 05:49 PM

I used rustoleum magnetic primer (about $20 a can) to coat my blackboards at school (I'm a 4th grade teacher). 5 cans later, and 6 coats on my 2 back boards, 5 coats on the two front boards, I'm just a bit disgusted! I have the tiny little magnets you mentioned above (bought them at a craft store) and they barely hold. The primer was advertised as usable for blackboards, but is very gritty - I'm having trouble imagining how white or black board paint will go on smoothly! Now I'm wishing I had done a little research like this before I'd bought the paint.

Perhaps the Krylon works better, but I doubt it - I imagine it would have less attraction due to the thin coating provided by a spray paint. As for me, I'm marching to Lowe's tomorrow to see if I can get my money back ( or at least half of it since that's about how well this stuff works!)

Apartment Therapy - Krylon Magnetic Spray Paint
8/26/07 04:56 PM