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Demo Depot on 125th often has old slabs - call
also BIGNYC is good
Also - Foro - go over there - they have stuff sitting around they'll give you for kind of cheap

Custom Stone Table Top for Table Base? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
12/3/09 10:04 AM

Stencil a high-graphic diamond medallion - something brocade-ish. Or blackboard paint with a new poem every so often.

Apartment Therapy New York | Suggestions for a Tiny Landing? Good Questions
7/30/09 09:34 AM

There's a guy on 23rd st who is a painter whose livelihood is reweaving rugs. He's pretty reasonable. Bob Pittinger
212 691 6948

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Is It Possible To Trim Down This Rug?
11/29/07 03:30 AM

Clei Italy makes all these things, and they are available here via various dealers. Many colors and fabrics. Not cheap but not terrible either. Signature Leather in NJ is the cheapest in the NY area.

Apartment Therapy - The Doc XL: Sofa Bunkbed In One
11/27/07 01:21 PM

Open shelving is a nightmare for anybody who cooks. Stuff gets grimey quickly.

Move the microwave, paint the brick wall a bright cream or other light color to brighten it up, with dark window frames. I think the best bet for the cabinets is to decoupage them. You can use parchment, a common art deco solution, in square paper bricks, or you can use paper from Kate's paperie, or you can simply get a roll of good wallpaper with a design that's simple and elegant. If you paint, you need to sand; I suggest Benjamin Moore metalic to get a little light, followed by a resin polyurethane to really seal them. DONT just put on paint and DON'T just put on sticky paper. Both of these will look like junk after about three cleanings. (Also if you want a solid, epoxy paint is not a bad way to go).


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10/10/07 12:10 PM

The chair is at, a great store in Dumbo that specializes in Czech Modernism.

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8/26/07 04:35 AM