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Am I the only one who noticed the Madeline picture in picture 24? I want to steal it.. So badly. Also you can glimpse one of the books in picture 23. Love.

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2/24/10 11:58 PM

My parents bought a sound machine for their bedroom from Sharper Image when I was 5, way back in 1995. They would sleep with their door open, and I would as well, so I could hear it from down the hall and became use to it. In high school, I started having a lot of trouble going to sleep, and my parents bought me my own sound machine.

So, a sound machine on 'rain', as much darkness as possible, tons of blankets, and my teddy bear - I'm good. And I'm okay with being 20 and sleeping with a teddy bear.

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1/27/10 11:26 PM