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Obsessed with your refrigerator styling! And that bedroom. Awesome home, so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Charlie & Tommy's Haven of Curated Classics House Tour
10/21/13 03:59 PM

I've been sitting here for ten minutes trying to come up with a comment that expresses how much I love this, and am inspired by it - but I simply don't have the words! This is an unforgettable wonderland and lovely example of letting one's "freak flag" fly. Every "dreamer" needs to see this. Smiling for days. Bravo, Adam!!

Adam's DIY Ode To Ornamentalism House Tour
9/27/13 04:02 PM

Ahhh I ADORE your home! As a fellow Texan living elsewhere, this is really making me want to incorporate more Southwest/Texas style into my decor. It just feels so... homey. :) I especially love your bedroom and dining area (including that awesome bookshelf). Y'all have done a fantastic job making a unique, comfortable home. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

Lauren & Stiles' Southern Bohemian Homestead House Tour
9/20/13 03:58 PM

I don't usually decorate with black and white, but this is definitely making me want to! So sharp and stylish, and the drapes are awesome. :) Love it.

Maria's \"Light, Colorful & Collected\" Room
9/19/13 04:13 PM

Loooooove it! I'm a more is more kind of person too! :)

Kim's \"Sonny Crockett's Wardrobe Revamped\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/19/13 04:06 PM

I agree with Moshee! This is so fun to see, very inspiring.

Sally Breer's Inspired Functional Chaos Creative Workspace Tour
8/29/13 03:16 PM

Ooooh that bedroom! One of the best I've ever seen! :)

Marti & Jarrod's Graphic Modern Home House Tour
8/27/13 04:05 PM

Very cool home! You guys have great taste indeed. I've always thought Shelter Co. was such a great concept so it's fun to know a little bit more about the minds behind it. Enjoyed the interview too, thanks for sharing!

Kelsey & Mike's Comfortable and Quirky Home House Tour
8/27/13 04:01 PM

What a wonderful, cool home! I love your colors and the old surf vibe. Mission accomplished when it comes to the nostalgic style you were going for. And the One Direction clippings and posters in the girls' room honestly made my day! Just switch them out for Leonardo DiCaprio in the Titanic days and it could have been my teenage bedroom! Haha. :) Thanks for sharing!

Lisa's Earthy Vintage Modern House Tour
8/27/13 03:48 PM

I love this soooooo much. Y'all have such great style! It's interesting, unique, homey and good-looking all at once! Thanks so much for sharing, it was very fun to see!

Joey and Gerard's France Meets California Mountain Cottage House Tour
8/23/13 03:55 PM

Wow, Ron, your home is absolutely wonderful! I love all of the purple and the bamboo! So much to love here, thanks for sharing. You've got great taste. :)

Ron's Parisian Style Condo in Hollywood's Historic Colonial House House Tour
8/14/13 04:48 PM

I love, love, love the bedroom! Those colors! The rest of your home is great, too. Thanks for sharing!!

Tracy’s Vintage Modern in Manhattan House Tour
8/12/13 03:21 PM

I loooove this. All of the cozy colors and textures, and I love all of your plants! Thanks for opening your home to us!

Janelle & Robert's East/West Coast Mix House Tour
8/9/13 03:16 PM

I adore your bedroom! Thanks for sharing :)

Kate's Wonderfully Small Amsterdam Space House Tour
8/9/13 03:09 PM

Ahhhhh this is awesome! I love your use of color and the way everything works together is impressive. I adored your spare bedroom! The butterfly textile is also really beautiful. So much to love, thank you for sharing!

Amy Campbell's Travel-Inspired Townhouse House Tour
8/2/13 03:54 PM

This is awesome! I really enjoyed the entire tour - each space has so much to like. And now I want dimmers too!

Arthur & Kristin's Sunny Vintage Loft House Tour
7/30/13 03:30 PM

Awesome kitchen! I also love the chest with the globe on top - wonderful styling!

Keith and Paige's Scrounge n' Lounge House Tour
7/16/13 03:48 PM

This was SO fun to see and right up my alley. Your kitchen is a dream! The whole post, not just the tour, was a joy and I loved reading your sources list. Tours like this leave me loving antiques and vintage even more than I already do. Thank you for opening your home - it is great inspiration!

Gail & Chil's \"Dead Grandmother\" Style House Tour
7/12/13 04:32 PM

This is one of the BEST house tours ever!! I am in awe of how wonderful your home is, Vanessa! I don't even know where to begin - everything is so beautiful and interesting and cozy. And I love that you mentioned the Marburger Farm Flea Market - it has been my family's semiannual tradition to go to the Round Top Antiques Festival since I was in middle school! Truly heaven on earth. Thank you so much for sharing your home - so inspired!

Vanessa's Vintage Bohemian Hilltop Home House Tour
7/11/13 04:51 PM

Some of the most wonderful wallpapers and fabrics I've ever seen! I'm especially obsessed with the entry hall and bedroom! Thanks for sharing your home with us!

Annie's Color-Splashed Home House Tour
7/8/13 04:13 PM