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I just went to a presentation given by Tyler Florence, and he suggested poaching them in individual cups of a muffin tin and submerging the tin in a broiling pan. I don't remember the exact details, but I think he went through it on an episode of his podcast.

What's the Best Way to Poach Multiple Eggs at Once? Good Questions
5/21/14 09:46 AM

This is lovely! I'd love to plan something like this for my own family, so thank you for the inspiration!

A Bright & Colorful Mother's Day Brunch Gatherings from The Kitchn
5/2/14 07:20 AM

Live with it for a while. See how you feel about it in six months.

To Paint or Not To Paint Our Abundance of Wood Trim? Good Questions
4/22/14 01:25 PM

A bathroom and a closet. Our 100-year-old house has just one bath and pretty much no closet space!

What Would You Do With an Extra Room?
4/14/14 02:12 PM

I'm going to need the link to that original tour. I remember it being amazing, but I can't find it now!

What Would You Do With These Large Windows? Good Questions
4/1/14 08:26 AM

You may express your dismay, and I will second it! Big dogs all the way!

Pet Madness Day 12: The Final Battle!
3/31/14 09:39 AM

Holy designer prices, Batman! Very cute, though.

Stylish Living For Your Toys: The Vitra Miniature Collection
3/27/14 09:27 AM

Excellent game choices!

A Friday Board Game Night with Friends, Dinner, Snacks & Sangria Gatherings From The Kitchn
3/26/14 12:39 PM

Love the little dance :) That IS part of the process, right?

Video: How To Make Microwave Popcorn (Without Buying Microwave Popcorn) Video Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
3/25/14 09:26 AM

Try rotating the whole arrangement 90 degrees to where the yellow chairs are where the Expedit is, the Expedit is on the sofa wall and the sofa is floating in the open between the entry area and living room to create a natural definition to the room. It may not work if the sofa eats up too much space and makes it impossible to access the living area, but it would help set up your windows as a focal point and create a cozier sitting area.

How To Set Up More Clearly-Defined Areas in Living Room? Good Questions
3/13/14 08:07 AM

I use Bittman's for actual recipes and Joy of Cooking as more of a cooking dictionary/encyclopedia.

What's the Best General, Comprehensive Cookbook to Buy? Good Questions
3/10/14 05:57 PM

Love seeing the evolution of a space. I, too, would love to see more of this on AT!

Katie & Toby's Artful Edgewater Apartment (8 Years Later...) House Tour
3/8/14 10:58 AM

That was the only way I knew how to cook bacon during my childhood. (thanks, Mom?) I have a special bacon microwave plate that has little ribs that keep the bacon from soaking in its own grease, though you still need the paper towels. Now that I know how to cook it on the stovetop and in the oven, I prefer those methods but the microwave works in a pinch.

How To Cook Bacon in the Microwave Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
3/3/14 11:54 AM

So excited to hear this! Enjoy the process -- I would love to hear your thoughts about the writing process at some point!

Rabbit Spoons and Subtle Signs of Spring (Plus Some Exciting News!) Weekend Meditation
3/3/14 08:04 AM

Not only will your tastes change, you never know what trends will look dated and what trends you'll continue to love. You will keep some things you acquired for cheap or free forever, and you'll get rid of some expensive things because they do not work in your new place or you just don't like them anymore -- but you never know what stuff will fall into which categories.

The best tip is to be smart and sensible with your money in your 20s. Don't go into debt (or further into it) by buying stuff. As someone in her 30s, I can assure you that being financially smart throughout your 20s WILL pay off, and you will have a chance to enjoy the fruits of frugality sooner than you think.

What I Wish I Knew About Home Decor When I Was 22
3/1/14 10:05 AM

This is one of AT's best tutorials yet. Thank you!

How To Install a Dimmer Switch on a Table Lamp Apartment Therapy Video Tutorial
2/22/14 11:37 AM

I work in a creative job that involves a lot of writing. We have a fairly open office plan, and it's terrible. It gets loud when people "collaborate" (you know, collaborate on sharing the gossip), and it's impossible to get work done … even with noise-canceling headphones.

They look nice, but give me private space or let me work from home!

Creative Workspaces: Thinking Outside the Cube
2/13/14 05:33 PM

We're considering having it done, and we were quoted a price of $500 by our contractor to re-route a gas line in our basement to reach the spot where the oven is in the kitchen and to install proper venting. That, of course, does not account for the price of a new oven.

How Much Does It Cost to Convert an Electric Stove to Gas?
2/13/14 08:54 AM

Love the whole space! I'm looking for an accent table similar to the one next to your armchair. Yours is beautiful!

Leah & Kris' Lovely Live/Work Home House Call
2/12/14 07:11 PM

I wish I knew half of these skills when I left home. I'd say this is a good list -- esp. grocery shopping and the suggestions of meal planning, ingredient prepping, reading a recipe, etc. Those skills will last a lifetime and give them a leg up on most young adults.

When the time for them to leave home gets closer, I'd also brainstorm with them on how to adapt their skills to dorm room/campus life, assuming that's the way they go. How do they grocery shop at the campus convenience store, and how to they interpret their recipes with whatever limited cookware/appliances are available? It's something to think about when you tour college campuses.

What Do Kids Need to Know in the Kitchen Before They Leave Home? Here's My List. What's on Yours?
2/5/14 12:29 PM