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it is absolutely stunning and so well thought through. Too minimal for my taste, a bit to "matchy", and could do with some books, but gorgeous nonetheless!

Enough Is Enough
The Diversion Project

10/5/10 11:57 AM

I too grew up in New Zealand, where this type of thing is relatively common, and I just wanted to echo the sentiment that you are giving you kids an amazing gift with this - my favourite memories are of long summers spent in our simple family "bach" (as they're known), swimming, playing and experiencing a life that I now recognise was truely blessed. This place is beautiful and I am so envious!
As an aside - can anyone tell me why nth americans call Lego, Legos?? I've seen this a few times and even went and looked it up online at a US store, thinking that perhaps it is branded differently, but no, it'called Lego in the states too?

Four People (and a Dog) Living in 180 Square Feet
House Tour

8/23/10 08:04 AM

those Apartment city guides look pretty but have seriously bad reviews

10 Under $10: Stylish Travel Gear | Apartment Therapy Boston
7/17/10 05:33 PM