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Love the garden! Also love the lifestyle but the house has a little too much for me to feel comfortable living there. But I admire the owners for living a life full of meaning.

A Day in the Life: Katie & Soloman's California Homestead House Tour
2/10/14 02:10 PM

You did the back splash yourself? AMAZING! love it!

Michelle's Dream Space Small Cool Contest
4/24/12 02:01 PM

I also think the green blinds are original and an awesome touch!

Andy's Twice the Size Small Cool Contest
4/13/12 04:56 PM

Your home is beautiful and full of character. I, too, would love to spend my days there.

Maria's Beautiful "Controlled Chaos" House Tour
4/13/12 12:04 PM

Yes, I second the request for the program you used to describe your layout. And the place is fabulous!

Samantha's Organic Global Love Nest Small Cool Contest
4/13/12 10:01 AM

You must have picked really great bulbs (I obviously know nothing about that sort of thing) to make this apartment have a "natural" light feel...totally fooled me!

Jacqueline's Big Statement Small Cool Contest
4/12/12 05:57 PM

Thanks for the link Jason... your apartment is darling!

Jason's Charm & Potential Small Cool Contest
4/12/12 05:48 PM

I like that dresser! What is it?

Casey's Plenty of Space Small Cool Contest
4/12/12 05:30 PM

This makes me thoroughly miss my "small apartment" days! I love how creatively and beautifully you set up your place and made a small space feel very large! Kudos!

Jennifer's Gathering Place Small Cool Contest
4/10/12 03:47 PM

Such a wonderful house tour! Thoroughly enjoyed all the pictures and reading about this sweet couple! And +1 on wanting to come over for dinner! Do ya'll have a blog? I'd love to hear tips and recipe advice on entertaining for friends and family!

Anna & Jon's Santa Barbara Craftsman Home
House Tour

9/30/11 11:07 AM

I wish I could do this now... or at least this month! Although it will have to wait for next month, I think this is a perfect idea! I also think it's good to pick a day when your significant other works so you can really be forced do only what you want to do :)

How To Get the Benefits of a 2-Week Vacation in ONE Day!
6/15/11 04:51 PM

Love the granite counters!

Before & After: Reno From Virtual Mockup to Reality
3/30/11 12:50 PM

I'm excited for something manageable but like others, I like the idea of doing some bigger, more dramatic projects so I may schedule those for myself along with the 20 minutes a day. I'm a little disappointed there is no section on the bedroom but maybe I'm mistaken? That was one of my favorite parts of the Spring Cure bc it really is a "special" room and my favorite in my house. +1 to videoes made for iphones or those without adobe reader. Also, I didn't see an actual spot to sign up... or will that pop up on Monday?

Anyways, very excited nonetheless! Good luck all!

The 20/20 Home Cure: Join Us Monday!
10/14/10 05:48 PM

haha, I love this. I think dressing cute is more fun than anything!

Sleeping Together for the First Time
8/18/10 04:04 PM

Wow, I'm going through this right now. We have moved half our stuff in already and the rest goes in on Saturday. So far, no crazy arguments have erupted as we try to stay pretty mellow and flexible about stuff like where this or that goes.
One thing I have noticed is that my boyfriend really wants his big bean bag to go in the living room but I have been very firm about it not going in there. I compromised and told him it could go in the spare bedroom and we could bring it out to the living room whenever there was a lot of company. The fact that I didn't say he had to throw it out seems to really be the trick and he was okay with my suggestion about the bedroom. We've also been fairly lucky with having similar tastes... we picked the new couches out together and we agreed on the type of bed frame we wanted. He let me choose the color of the bed frame and the new dresser and he either likes what I picked or he just decided to go with it. He pretty much is letting me pick whatever (within reason, although I'm not a pink kind of girl), as long as we put the tv and speakers in a format he likes, which is totally fine with me as I have no idea what is "good" or not for a tv/speaker system. And the speakers are small, thank god.
So yeah, I agree that talking, compromising and planning...those are 3 major things my bf and I did and so far, so good.

Tips for Merging Two Households
8/17/10 04:23 PM

oops, just read Jenny's sorry about the breakup and cheers to finding a better mate! I guess I will add my take: I wish my bf liked to cook as I'm not super fond of it (mainly bc I'm exhausted when I come home from work or I'm in class). So generally that means I do the cooking (but bf will try to cook spaghetti or quesadillas). I'm learning to like it more but bc I'm new at cooking for a vegatarian, it can become a bit annoying and makes me feel slightly resentful toward him. However, I'm learning to like it as I learn to make things little by little. I wish I had learned to cook sooner so I could take on bigger and more complex recipes but for now I'm just happy coming up with a variety of simple vegatarian recipes. Luckily, I've mastered a few things! The thing that really makes it all worthwhile is that my bf cleans up after I cook, always, and acts like my cooking is the best thing in the world, even if I know its not :)
And to be fair, the bf is very good about helping out with chores like laundry (he actually helps me fold!), picking up after himself, taking out the trash, dishes, etc. So at the end of the day, I'm happy and I just need to learn to be a bit less lazy after work, ha!

Good Ways for Couples to Share Food Responsibilities?
Good Questions

7/29/10 02:13 PM

SarahB, thanks for the tip about They have some really great recipes and I've been looking for ways to cut the costs of our (bf and I) grocery bills. Jenny, good luck!

Good Ways for Couples to Share Food Responsibilities?
Good Questions

7/29/10 01:36 PM

Love the look and can't wait to see the full tour. This came in the knick of time bc I'm moving next month (2 households combined into 1) and my intentions are to be unpacked within the 1st-2nd week. Although I can't paint the walls (at least, I haven't convinced the boyfriend yet), the rest of the list is very similiar to my plan. My big thing is getting rid of everything I will not need. Not only will make my move easier but will mean less stuff to find a place for! Also, I'm already scouting out stores that I can quickly go to and grab items I may find we need, do not have, etc. Thanks again!

From Moving In to Settled In…In One Week!
Loving Living Small

7/28/10 04:11 PM

wow, I just love this. And you are right...that patio is awesome. Can I come over and share a bottle of wine with you?! I need a patio like that.

Jessie's Vintage Modern Bungalow House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/23/10 03:58 PM

so does one still need to sand the item before the primer is spayed/painted on?

The Secret to Successfully Painting IKEA Shelves Reader Intelligence Report | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/19/10 02:07 PM