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thanks for doing this. that said i think i am going to to go out and get some chicken to add to this. no matter all the punching up it just keeps tasting like something is missing :(

Autumn Comfort Food: Pumpkin and Peanut Curry
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9/22/12 10:19 PM

as others have already mentioned, juicing robs you of a lot of important fiber and (over)cooking can rob you of important nutrients, so i suggest a breakfast salad with chopped greens, a boiled egg, some crispy bacon and a light vinaigrette. you can make every thing ahead and then just toss together in the morning.

What Are Some Ways to Eat More Greens with Breakfast?
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12/28/10 01:38 PM

Thanks to the OP. I am in Slovenia and have been itching to make marshmallows for ages. We don't have golden syrup or corn syrup here, but I'll have a look at some of these other options. Can't wait to try!

How to Make Marshmallows Without Using Corn Syrup?
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12/28/10 01:31 PM

Thanks, our cellar is full of apples and I HATE eating them. My mother in law makes tons of streudel but I need variety. Cheers to you!

Fritters to Sandwiches: A Selection of Fall Apple Recipes
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10/23/10 08:57 AM

That coconut custard looks incredible!

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees and Two Coconut Desserts Delicious links for 12.14.09 | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
12/14/09 04:31 PM

I don't much care for this vegetables raw, so I cooked it in the thyme oil with some red onions, and then tossed it with the lemon, vinegar, and herbs at the end. Yum!

Recipe: Cauliflower, Fennel, and White Bean Winter Salad | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
11/21/09 10:34 AM

LOL mlle, i am annoyed to hear that considering I now live in a country where canned pumpkin is unheard of. In fact, they usually only grow squash to make oil from the roasted seeds and feed the rest of it to the pigs. It's insanity!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Cooking with Pumpkin: From Whoopie Pies to GoulashBon Appétit
10/7/09 02:47 PM

so far.....pickled cucumbers, summer squash (, peppers. onions. also, sour cherries, black and red currant jelly, tomato ketchup (the joy of cooking recipe is very good), tomato salsa ( also frozen a few batches of blanched swiss chard and osaka purple greens as well as green beans.
oh just cooked down a hokkaido pumpkin and some apples and froze then to use for future pie filling or something.

i also have 7 jars of pine needle syrup out on the terrace (layers of sugar and pine needles left to melt down in sealed jars for 2 months.) it will be a medicinal sweetener for our herbal tea.

since we can't buy cilantro at the store here, i also just planted a couple more plants. i am going to try and preserve as much as possible by cutting up the leaves and freezing them with olive oil. i just break off small chunks of the block for cooking. it be great in curries during the cold months.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What Are You Preserving This Summer?
8/22/09 02:39 AM

i just use a fondue fork. works well. fingers stay a bit less sticky.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | No Cherry Pitter? Use a Pastry Tip
6/25/09 05:07 PM

i found it really easy using one of those forks from a fondue set someone randomly gave me.

they look like this -

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | No Cherry Pitter? Use a Pastry Tip
6/25/09 05:06 PM

@empresscallipygos - Thanks for the tip on the Eugenia Bone book. Looks great. Here in Slovenia, when the winter hits the only fruits you can find are local apples and imported bananas. So, though, I am not a big jam and toast person, I will be glad to have it when I am faced with months of no variety.

@kitchengraffiti - did you get the canning kit online? link please! i was trying to fish something out of the canner yesterday and wishing i had tongs!

@amber77 - I have to say that here in Slovenia, we reuse old jars to no ill effect. I know there are tons and tons of warnings but I've never gotten sick.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Hot Tip: Can it All
6/25/09 12:08 PM

@erica in dc - my mother in law has the flat electronic stove and does canning with it all the time.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Hot Tip: Can it All
6/25/09 11:45 AM

I just canned a bunch of cherries from the tree yesterday.

This Youtube video series was a BIG help. Watch the woman even can CHICKEN.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Hot Tip: Can it All
6/25/09 11:32 AM

What a cute little kitchen!

I agree with all Maxwell's suggestions and raise you a few more:

do a massive pruning of the art work on the walls. focus on a few large pieces and maybe on or two small groupings. maybe host a party giving some of the smaller pieces.

definitely get rid of the animal rug.

move the deer head somewhere where it can really shine instead of sitting in the middle of clutter.

reupholster the chair (or get a new one) so it matches the loveseat or something in the room.

what's going on with that blue and red entry way?

Apartment Therapy - What Not To Do: Diana's Living Room
10/15/07 12:10 PM

I am painting my kitchen that similar, it think it is yellow green, RAL 6018

Apartment Therapy - #17 - Erin's Colorful Haven
10/12/07 02:29 PM

My mother has a bad habit of moving stuff and throwing things away when she comes to visit me in an (unsolicited, mind you) attempt to help me clean up . The last time she came she threw away the rubber ring that sealed my (cute Michael Graves for Target) blender). I called Target and Black and Decker and I could not find the right replacement so I had to junk the whole thing. I was heart-broken, my mother is no longer allowed to be in my house unsupervised.

Apartment Therapy - Burned: Big Blender Mistake
8/27/07 02:39 PM