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I agree! The ad is so annoying. I can't read the post!

Apartment Therapy New York | & Light: George Del Barrio
2/3/08 02:16 AM

Are you in NY? CB2 just opened a new store on Broadway!

Table looks great though...I love their prices as well!

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Opinions on CB2's Portfolio Table?
12/7/07 05:45 AM

I love Deserving Design with Vern Yip! I think it's a great show!

I've noticed that they use a lot of ikea stuff! The mural is great!!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Using a mural with IKEA Billy Morebo doors
12/6/07 07:20 AM

I think it's a cute idea!

Apartment Therapy - Picket Fence Cord ManagementSlinksn. (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites
10/26/07 08:48 AM

My dilemma is over for now!! Last night my mom came over and was scared too! So, we asked my next door neighbor to help! He came in, saw the spider, took a piece of toilet paper, grabbed the bastard and flushed it down the toilet! Just like that!!! Whew! I am so relieved and thankful!

I pray that I don't have this problem again! I know that I'll have spiders but I DO NOT want to ever see something like that again!

Apartment Therapy - The Mouse Hunter: Foiled Again
10/21/07 05:32 AM

I finally went back to the bathroom today (with my Mom as backup!). We didn't see the spider but I knew he was still in there somewhere. I went to homedepot and bought Ortho Home Defense Max to spray EVERYWHERE!!

So about a half hour ago I go back to the scene, ready to vacuum like the exterminator I called told me to do and spray my entier place. I bravely go into my bathtub, with the broom, and close the door to see if maybe my mom and I missed him the first time. Ummmm....guess who's still there hiding in a crease in my robe!!!....it's him!!

I slowly opened the door with the broom and ran so fast I hit my knee on the wall! This thing is bigger than the first time I saw it! I called my mom again and she's coming back to help KILL this beast (sigh)!! I'm angry now and I'm about to beat the living hell out of this thing with the broom...thanks Crash!!

Thanks to everyone who gave me tips!

Apartment Therapy - The Mouse Hunter: Foiled Again
10/20/07 03:35 PM

Sorry Maxwell! I hope you get 'em!!

I'm having a serious SPIDER problem! Apparently, this is spider season? Who would've known? Not me!

This morning I'm closing my bathroom door and a very large beige spider (never seen one like this before) was chillin' on my robe!! Of course, I belted out the loudest scream ever and bolted!! I should mention that the water in the shower was running...did I go back in and turn the water off you ask...um...NO!! I shut off the water completely with the valve! I should also mention that I live in the basement and that I went upstairs to take a shower! I'm SCARED of spiders, especially large beige ones!!

Can someone please help!!!!!

P.S. The spider is still at large! I'm scared to go home! :(

Apartment Therapy - The Mouse Hunter: Foiled Again
10/19/07 12:31 PM

LMAO to Forbiddenfruit's comment! Hilarious!

Apartment Therapy - Hot or Not: 40 Bond
10/5/07 12:23 PM

There's nothing wrong with an Ikea showroom looking home! I think you're home is lovely!

Apartment Therapy - #8 - K & M's Color Expressions
10/4/07 12:58 PM

I have these nesting tables. They don't look "cheesy" to me but do look like they are from Ikea (if you know what I mean)! The black/brown finish is great! I think they are a good buy for the price.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Does Anyone Have any Personal Experience with the Ikea Klubbo Tables?
9/28/07 11:41 AM

LUV THIS! Gorgeous! The kitchen is lovely! Love the chairs!

Apartment Therapy - Look! Film locations as inspiration
9/19/07 11:28 AM

I love Zara! When is their home store coming to New York?

Apartment Therapy - AT Europe: London - Zara Home Store
9/10/07 03:16 PM

So cute!

Apartment Therapy - Mr. P Tape Dispenser
8/30/07 07:59 AM

I currently have a toothbrush holder that I don't use (b/c I have an electric toothbrush), I'm going to try this! Cute!!

Apartment Therapy - Hot Tip: Use a Toothbrush Holder as a Vase
8/30/07 07:53 AM

Thanks for answering my question Craig!

Why I hate the white cord so much is because it goes across my ceiling, down the wall and into the outlet!! lol

I'm going to see if I can get someone to hardwire it for me as well! I wouldn't mind the cord just hanging straight down from the ceiling! Thanks again! :)

Apartment Therapy - House Tour: Emily & Craig's Logan Square Rehab
8/24/07 10:54 AM

Ty's voice is annoying...but I still love Extreme Makeover Home Edition! Cry everytime!!

Nate is definitely hotter and I like his designs more!

Apartment Therapy - Lunchtime Survey: Nate Berkus vs. Ty Pennington
8/24/07 09:12 AM

Oh and btw, your place is FAB! I just love the colors in the bedroom! Overall, it's gorgeous!

Apartment Therapy - House Tour: Emily & Craig's Logan Square Rehab
8/24/07 08:28 AM

Can I ask how you installed the "Red Pendant Lamp above dining table"? I have the same lamp but I hate the fact that the very bright white cord shows! I couldn't see a picture of the ceiling in your pic so I can't tell if you have the cord exposed or not.

Thanks in advance.

Apartment Therapy - House Tour: Emily & Craig's Logan Square Rehab
8/24/07 08:27 AM

HomeGoods is the best! I love that place! I got my 2 chairs from there for a great price and I LOVE them! I also get all of my decorative accessories, kitchen goods and linens from there! Great place to shop!!

Apartment Therapy - Inside Out: James' Jersey City Showcase
8/22/07 05:47 PM

I read this this morning!! I love her place! The colors are very comforting.

Apartment Therapy - Room and Board's Fall 2007 Catalog
8/22/07 11:30 AM