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We have goats sheep and ducks. For lawn mowing I would choose ducks over anything else - my Indian Runners don't even fly and they respect short fences. Sheep staked out trim the grass and don't eat the bushes or trees. Goats? I'd use them to clear scrub and do weed control on a neglected property (the onlt thing that'll strip and thrive on brambles!) but in a yard? no way - they are browsers, they eat leaves off trees, choose the tastiest plants to behead (oh how they love peonies and roses!)and will strip bark off young trees. Of all our farm animals they are my favorite but they make lousy lawnmowers. Sheep yes as long as they are kept from garden beds, tiny wicket fencing will hold back my ducks.

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5/30/12 12:55 PM

Well, I'm a toymaker so people are used to me talking about my passion for hand crafted, open ended sustainable toys. I share recall info, information on toxins too. I've been at it 18 years now. (kids range from 3 to 18) and as a result of my sharing this info without outright banning the purchase of the things I can't abide by (licensed characters, media besides music, most plastics, battery operated toys) the gifts we get generally fall into the acceptable category, or they ask. When asked I always try to provide an accessible list from stores they are familiar with, and we ask for their time and experiences if that's easy for them to accommodate. In the early days my rule was more about decluttering and as soon as we ran out of space my children had to make decisions about one in, one out.

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9/23/11 06:32 PM

It totally depends on the structure of the building and how the building is heated. If you have electric baseboard heaters or hot water radiators there will be less cross contamination than if you have forced air.

Was the building designed as apartments or has it been converted into apartments? Conversions often have their own air currents that guarantee you'll smell it.

in my experience the type of heating matters the most though. If it's forced air I would avoid it like the plague and if not I'd TALK to the current tenants and ask them for the low down on what it is like in winter, when windows are closed, and during periods of high humidity.

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7/31/10 11:05 AM

I really haven't counted, but we have a huge number of plates for the same purpose. They aren't all white though! We have a built in china cabinet in our diningroom (edwardian farmhouse) that holds them all and we use them for potlucks indoor and out, house concerts, and outdoor music events we host. We have a 1930;s sideboard that holds our everyday family dishes (easy for kids to set the table from). WE moved cross country 3 years ago and I agonized over keeping them or donating them but I'm VERY glad we kept them! I HATE disposible plates and napkins.

All of ours came from friends who had cast offs or the local charity church shop.

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7/20/10 12:14 AM

To be honest, no!

I live in a home full of children and animals.

I refuse to live out of an Ikea or other cheap big box just because we have a young family (and it would make me cry from decor deprivation - our children range from 19 down to 2!) so I've searching out things I love at thrift shops, yard sales, and yes...dumpsters and salvage. We just got all the blackboards coming out of the school across the road that is being renovated - FREE!

What it means is pieces that need some love but I won't mind if they get sticky hand prints on them, or a child accidentally breaks a plate while scraping leftovers into the compost.

I figure in 10 years we'll get the livingroom furniture reupholstered. They've lasted in constant use for close to 100 years, I think they can wait 10 years for new covers.

My partner and I both work from home on artist wages. I think we've sort of built vintage and a little rough around the edges into our design aesthetic to accommodate kids and cats and large dogs!

On Buying Sustainable Plates … Slowly | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
7/19/10 09:15 PM


We're a large family moving into a small house (1800 square feet 5 kids) and we're going to be renoing an attic into shared kid space. I had this image in my head of what we could do with the space and this just hits EVERYTHING!

I'm so excited now!

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10/21/09 11:57 AM