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I replaced almost all the bulbs in my apartment with CFLs from Home Depot. ("Nvision", I think they were called.) I still have a few halogens, but NO incandescent bulbs anymore. You really need to get the warm white ones (look for color temperature of about 2800K-- 3200K is OK but not as warm as an incandescent). If you get the "daylight" ones, the light will seem weird indoors. I hardly notice the difference between the warm white ones and incandescents, and I work as a video editor and cameraman so I'm sensitive to that kind of thing. I do notice that the ones that are encased to make them look like incandescents ("A type") do take a short while to warm up when you turn them on. The spiral twist variety seem to work just about the same as incandescents, but you need to have them in a fixture with a shade or they look kind of ugly-- then again, so does a regular incandescent bulb. Certain kinds of lamps, of course, are just not ideal for CFLs.

I just think you have to be careful about exactly which bulbs you use, because there is quite a variation. My electric bill has gone down quite a bit, so I expect to pay for the new CFL bulbs in 5-6 months. I'm pretty happy with my Home Depot CFLs and I doubt I would ever go back to incandescent bulbs at this point.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Survey: Do You Use Fluorescent Light Bulbs?
3/24/08 06:10 PM

Speaking as a guy, I think your "brown and metal things" idea is not a bad one at all. And I don't think beige is totally bad either. Crate and Barrel has some nice wooden bath accessories he might like (the "Canyon" line). You might also try some black and white photos in wood frames. Angela Adams sells lovely cotton rugs that are not expensive; I like the brown version of "Islands", but most of her designs are hip and reasonably man-friendly. He might also like her Lulu/Dusk bath accessories (but not the Cinnamon ones!). I agree with Jennie K. that turquoise could be a good way to add a little color without freaking him out.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Beige Bathroom Makeover Tips?
1/3/08 12:25 PM

Actually, I just looked at Design Sponge and I think it looks terrible too... maybe I'm just out of style myself. ;-)

Apartment Therapy New York | AT on: The New Design #1
12/4/07 08:58 PM

To be frank, I find the new design to be kind of boring and middle of the road-- more like HGTV than Design Sponge. But I guess that's OK as long as the info is still there. Unfortunately, at the moment, Search doesn't work and neither does the shopping guide-- I suppose that will be fixed. Most people seem to like it though, so I'm obviously in a tiny minority. Personally, I used to read the blog every day, but my level of interest just took a nosedive. I prefer the older, "unprofessional" design-- sorry!

I don't mind the ads; it costs money to keep something like this going. But I wish it was a little more groovalicious.

Anyhow, best of luck!

Apartment Therapy New York | AT on: The New Design #1
12/4/07 08:51 PM

I like butcher block and it's way cheaper than any other decent material. I suppose it's not for some people, though. Ikea is OK, but if you want real maple butcher block, try this place:


They have good prices and carry just about every type, from the inexpensive (finger-jointed maple) to the super-deluxe (true end-grain butcher block in maple, cherry or walnut). They will cut to size for you and ship it in a well-constructed wood container to help prevent damage. A good deal, and convenient too! I bought a finger-jointed maple counter and it's way nicer than Ikea and not that much more expensive.

Apartment Therapy - Ikea Butcher Block
11/19/07 10:30 PM

I actually planted that Chasmanthium latifolium years ago when I was an active member of the Liz Christy garden (I am not involved there anymore). It is planted in a particularly difficult area under a large birch tree that is very shady and also very dry, so the list of plants that will grow there is short. It is invasive, as has been pointed out, but the sprouts are not hard to pull out and it's nice to have a beautiful grass to grow in a difficult spot like that. Plants that are "invasive" in one spot can be very useful in more difficult conditions, if you know what you are doing.

Apartment Therapy - PlantTherapy: Liz Christy Slideshow
8/26/07 07:20 PM