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Another shedder here...I want to know how you deal with the ones that get away and end up all over the bathroom floor. I am a chronic hair-color changer and right now my hair is black. Our bathroom floors are a light ceramic tile. Even just four hairs scattered about looks gross and like the place hasn't been cleaned! Besides keeping a cordless handi-vac in the bathroom, or constantly trying to round-up the few stray hairs, I just don't know what to do.

As far as the sink - when I comb out my hair after a shower, I run my free hand through my hair as I go and gather up all the loose bits and just keep plopping them into the sink. I continue to do this as I style my hair. When I am all done, I gather it all up and drop it in the trash. This helps reduce the amount that gets down the sink drain but if my hubby gets to the teeth-brushing part of his routine before I am done then we have to do a preemptive wipe of the sink.

Maybe we all should just embrace baldness, men and women alike. ;-)

Apartment Therapy - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Hair Traps for Drains
8/22/07 12:20 PM

oops, put the opening paren in the wrong spot and messed up the link. here it is in working order:

Survey: Do You Helio?
6/25/07 09:50 AM

After accepting (begrudgingly) the reality that the iPhone I covet will require me to plunk down about $1500 (phone cost, service cost, data plan cost, etc.) I spent the weekend looking for alternatives since my current phone/pda (Samsung i500) is on its last legs. Being an Apple user, I avoid products that use Windows. That doesn't leave much else - basically the Palm lineup and I find the Treo hideous.

I was liking the Helio, but it seems more Microsoft than Apple-friendly. I found a new Samsung (F700, which initially gave me hope, but I cannot find any information indicating that it might be available in the US any time soon and I am sure it carries a hefty price tag as well. Sigh.

At least with the introduction of the iPhone, the gauntlet has been thrown down. Hopefully the resulting competition will end up producing more affordable options for those of us who need to use our money to eat and pay for gas.

Survey: Do You Helio?
6/25/07 09:49 AM

i second the "mirrors bad" vote. visions of the 80s!!!
when i had an alcove like this, i painted the back in a gorgeous reddish-orange burnt adobe color and hung up an arrangement of my milagro-covered crosses.

Good Questions: How Do I Decorate This Shelving Unit?
6/22/07 12:28 PM

I haven't found Angie's List to be helpful. It is hard to find businesses that have more than 1 or 2 reviews, and to me, that isn't enough information for me to make a decision. Especially if one review is good and the other is bad. There are also tons of businesses listed with no review. How is that helpful? I have tried free services such as Judy's Book and Kudzu, with the same results. However, it is less disappointing in those instances since you aren't paying for the service.

Angie's List
6/12/07 07:02 AM

aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhh...i can only hope that craigslist will make some sort of deal to implement the code that makes listpic possible on their own site (after paying a nice sum to Ryan for his trouble creating something so cool, of course).

Listpic Blocked !?
6/7/07 10:22 PM

ooooooooooohhhh...that looks like a definite possibility! thanks a bunch!!

June is all about Outdoor Living!
6/7/07 10:07 PM

I have a nice, manageable yard - but I live in Phoenix so I won't be using it until about October. Half of it is covered in pavers. They are very faded and worn and we need to inject some color (the color of the walls around the yard is dictated by the HOA and when I inquired about painting just the inside (possibly a cobalt blue) the HOA manager responded that I could paint it any color, as long as it was Desert Navajo White. ack!)

So, we were thinking of maybe staining the pavers to add some pizazz. Would a concrete stain work? Any ideas for colors and/or products?
BTW, this is a picture from before we moved in - we have since eradicated the railroad ties.

June is all about Outdoor Living!
6/4/07 02:56 PM

love the couch/chaise lounge chairs/modular seating in the living room. would you post the source info please?

#13 - Kelly Gregory's Media Wall
5/18/07 02:14 PM

"we wonder how long you can stay there before you get really wet."

Well, if you live in the greater Phoenix area, most of the mist evaporates into dust before it hits your skin.

Ack! Why do I still live here????

Cool Mist Umbrella
5/9/07 10:30 AM

Kelly, I am SO with you! I switched from a PC to a Mac a couple years ago and I would never ever go back. BUT, iPhoto drives me nuts when I want to find an original. Yes, it has built in features to email photos right from iPhoto, but you aren't always looking for photos just to email them. An example - the other day I wanted to upload an image to a website - I had to find the picture in iPhoto, which wasn't too hard because I am a compulsive organizer, but once I found the picture, I had to look at its details in iPhoto, then go to Finder to seek out the actual file by following this long path of Pictures\iPhoto Library\year\month\day\filename.jpg And if that wasn't bad enough, the picture wasn't there. Seriously. It was showing up in iPhoto, but not in Finder. I finally had to search my system and for some reason, even though iPhoto shows the picture as being taken on 6/12/2006, it was in the 6/18 folder. Arrrrrgggghh! Another thing is that iPhoto is SLOW. I have 5500 images in it and if I attempt to do anything other than scroll, it bogs down. This is the one thing that I wish I could improve on my Mac. (BTW, I am using a 12" PowerBook G4)

Organizing Digital Photo Clutter
3/29/07 06:37 PM

I don't know about anyone else out there, but I prefer my lotion and body wash to be in a pump. When applying lotion I am usually just out of the shower and trying to cover more than just my hands. To grab a container, tip it over, and set it back down repeatedly seems a wee bit of a hassle. I am really surprised that they didn't seem to consider usability in this design.

Method Home Bloq
3/29/07 06:14 PM