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Stop judging, bunch of prudes. Jeez. I've had the same burns from rubbing my arm across the sheets BY MYSELF. No wink here. No nudge. Just changing my sleeping position.

Relax people. Get a sense of humor. And recognize that adult people have sex. Wow. Don't like it that it was at parents house? Then don't do it.

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8/17/13 09:47 PM

We bought a co-op in Brooklyn six years ago with an entire wall that has exposed brick. The appeal has vanished completely. Yes, it looks great. But it flakes dust everywhere, all the time. Everyone I speak with who has exposed brick encounters this problem. It isn't healthy and it looks terrible on the floor. We're going to paint ours soon, as well. It seals the dust and also looks so much brighter, as the photos prove. There are some who suggest "sealing" it with a poly coat, but those tend to turn an orange color over time (and don't last), according to our research.

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5/7/09 11:42 AM

Blonde, it looks fantastic. I'm a Cobble Hiller myself and would love to know where you got the stove/microwave combo. Also, do you happen to have a floorplan somewhere? Would love to see the birds-eye view. Great job!

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1/26/09 01:17 PM

These maid services exploit workers. Read NICKEL AND DIMED (as everyone else has written). Your perspective will never be the same.

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5/7/08 04:51 AM

Does anyone know where I can find a sideboard exactly like this?

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12/31/07 04:40 AM

Squirrel Nut Zippers' CHRISTMAS CARAVAN... Fantastic!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Holiday Party Playlist
12/7/07 08:53 AM

I'm diggin' that red music box, for sure. And when it arrives, I'll pop in my favorite holiday CD -- "Christmas Cocktails," a smart mix of lounge-inspired production numbers by the likes of Peggy Lee, Nancy Wilson, Julie London, Dean Martin, et al.

First track I'll play? Lou Rawls' "Merry Christmas, Baby." Cocktail in hand. Candles lit.

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11/30/07 06:36 AM