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they use this tool at eleven madison park in nyc to break the eggshells of raw eggs and then use the egg shells to serve an amuse bouche in - very fancy :) they save the unused eggs for other uses.

here's a photo:

Stephanie's Favorite Odd Tool: Soft Boiled Egg Top Cutter
3/30/11 11:32 AM

yeah you might be "clean" but you've got lots of oils in your skin that muck up your sheets. my fiance is a clean but oily guy, and changing the sheets frequently is a must.

also, you might be "clean," but the air in your home isn't. for people with allergies (both my fiance and i have pretty bad allergies), changing the sheets often cuts down on the indoor allergens that settle in your sheets.

5 Steps to a Permanently Cleaner Bedroom
3/1/11 08:50 PM

clinton street pancakes are divine. i recognized the photo immediately :) drooling right now...

Are Foodies Single-Minded?
2/22/11 10:40 PM

Haha I was thinking the same thing DreamShop

Help! How Do You Control Onion Skin Clutter?
2/16/11 04:46 PM

enchilada sauce!

Help Me Make the Most of My Brand-New Blender!
Good Questions

1/27/11 07:48 PM

Hey Tammy,

I live in the West Village, too. I'm in a place that's kind of in between a studio and a one-bedroom. When we (I live with my fiance) started looking almost two years ago, we asked to look at one-bedrooms. But we hated all of them - for what we could pay (our max was $2700), the one-bedrooms felt cramped and dark. But then the studios were often too small and open for two people to live in.

What's nice about the place we ended up in is that there is definite separation and flow between the "rooms" but the apartment is open and bright and airy. You can tell that at one point there were french doors separating the spaces, but those french doors are long gone, leaving walls with large door frames in them. I have a real kitchen with four walls and a table. That makes the place feel less like a studio/ dorm room, I think. It's also a good size - 450 square feet, and in a good location, and we only pay $2000/ month.

Anyway, that's a long way of saying that you've got options! If I were you, I'd just poke around and see if you can find anything you like better. I'm always curious to call the phone numbers I see on the signs hanging off buildings advertising rooms for rent - maybe give that a try? I know that there are apartments for rent in my building, and I'm sure that there are more of these studio/one-bedroom hybrids in this part of town, so hopefully you won't have to move out of the neighborhood :)

Good luck!

Worth Upgrading From Studio To One Bedroom?
Good Questions

1/18/11 10:58 AM

She is my IDOL!!!!!! I cook her recipes all the time, and I know it's always going to be easy and great. I agree with pearmelon - she's so composed on her show, and she always makes me think I can do anything. And she always says, "how easy is that?" or "how bad can that be" - she's so cute! Love her!

Ina Garten On: Great Dinners & Overlooked Kitchen Tools
11/18/10 08:07 AM

How about Marilyn Monroe's?

A Stuffing Smackdown: The Quest for the Perfect Recipe
11/11/10 11:11 AM

I agree with redneckmodern, you should absolutely pay your rent - you don't want it damaging your credit! My advice is still to complain to 311 - it's the only way the city records these complaints, and the landlord won't like it if his building is getting a bad reputation.

How To Deal With Threatened Eviction?
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11/8/10 02:26 PM

I'm not an expert on evictions in Chicago, but I do know that unless you've got a written, year-long lease, your landlord can't evict you just because he doesn't like you. The landlord needs to give reasons, like you don't pay your rent, you've damaged the property or you've broken the lease. If you're served an eviction notice, the notice should indicate the specific reason - in this case, which provision of the lease you violated. In NYC, where I live, the landlord is required to give you a chance to fix the problem before you're evicted - maybe the same is true in Chicago. Anyway, if you don't act on the eviction notice and stay put, the landlord might take you to court. However, if you haven't done anything wrong, the judge might find that the landlord's eviction notice is improper. If you really haven't done anything wrong and the landlord is just harassing you by serving you with the notice, I wouldn't even expect the landlord to take it to court, but you never know.

I think it would be unlikely that the landlord would try to evict you especially since you only have three months left on your lease. Right now, landlords are lucky to have paying tenants, so as long as you pay your rent, you probably shouldn't worry about getting an eviction notice.

As for your neighbors, that's a different story! I'm not sure that there's anything you can do to pressure the landlord into helping you out unless what the neighbors are doing constitute a housing code violation. If there's a code violation problem, you can probably report it to the city or take the landlord to court to require the landlord to make repairs. But annoying neighbors are probably not code violations. I think your best bet is to leave your landlord out of it and make a noise complaint to the city by calling 311 every time your neighbors play loud music. Once enough complaints pile up, the city will investigate, leaving it so that you don't have to go through the landlord to get some relief.

Good luck!

How To Deal With Threatened Eviction?
Good Questions

11/8/10 01:29 PM

As someone who's writing thank you notes mainly for job interviews at the moment, it is ESSENTIAL to e-mail them. I make sure to say something very thoughtful and spend maybe even 20-30 minutes deciding what to say, but I need those potential employers to receive the note within hours of my interview for it to make any impact on their decision.

That said, I'm getting married next year, and I will certainly hand write all of the wedding thank you notes. There's a big distinction between professional thank yous and personal thank yous. It really depends on the context.

Tech Etiquette: Is it OK to Type Thank-You Notes?
10/28/10 11:49 PM

i've sold things for more than i paid, too. Not too much more, but I list them for what I think someone would pay. When I try to buy something, I always offer a lower price, and it often works. I don't see anything wrong with trying to make a profit on craigslist - if the price is too high, ask for a lower one!

How To Increase Your Earnings on Craigslist
9/23/10 10:24 AM

Take-out! They make pretty good turkey burgers around the corner... :)

No-Brainer: What Are Your Standby Meals?
9/14/10 10:32 PM

My fiance totally eats three times more than I do, but he also follows the rule that she who cooks does not clean!

I am a student during the school year and an intern during the summer, so we share duties differently depending on whether I'm on a student or working schedule. During the school year, I don't mind doing the shopping, cleaning, and cooking because he's the breadwinner and at the office all day. During the summer months, though, he cooks twice a week, I cook twice a week, we cook together on Sunday (that's our try-something-new-and-fancy night!), and we might eat leftovers or out the other nights. The person who's cooking does the shopping, and we clean together on Sundays. It works out well!

As for expenses, we never really found a system that worked. Both of us are fairly laid back about it, so it all evens out in the end. We don't count receipts or anything. It's not worth going gray over.

Good Ways for Couples to Share Food Responsibilities?
Good Questions

7/29/10 11:44 PM

OMG gotta love Tom and Huck. I also loved those few minutes of Casper when he wasn't a ghost but Devon Sawa was the real boy... I was jealous of Christina Ricci for that kiss.

I just had Titanic posters on my walls. I think I had three.

High School High Design: Whose Face Was On Your Walls? | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/9/10 11:06 PM

When can I move in? ;)

Layla Kevin's Country Coastal Cottage House Tour | Apartment Therapy DC
6/2/10 10:50 PM

Ooh that chair by the window looks like a cozy place to read a good book! And I can just imagine having some romantic dinners or lazy brunches at that cute table. Congratulations to both of you :)

Adam Vanessa's Newlywed HomeHouse Call | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
6/2/10 10:47 PM

thanks for the diy advice! that makes sense!

Sources for Items from Bedroom I'd Like to Recreate Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/9/10 03:54 PM

haha wow! when i was looking for an apartment last year, i was peeved whenever our broker took us into an apartment with a loft like this - i had no idea how to make it work and feel homey but not cramped, but you did a fantastic job! kudos! next time i'll have to be more open minded about the mini loft...

Small Cool 2010: Beth's Lofted Studio Tiny Division # 9 | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/9/10 03:52 PM

how do you diy a rug?

Sources for Items from Bedroom I'd Like to Recreate Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/6/10 09:14 PM