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It appears that the wood has an orange undertone. In this case, you'd want to avoid paint colors that have orange in the undertone as well. This helps you avoid the "clashing" that you are concerned about.

You never mentioned what kinds of colors you like. That would be a good starting point.

Have you looked at full-spectrum or paints with a good number of pigments in them? C2 and Philip's Perfect Colors (made with a C2 base) harmonize beautifully in a room. Since many colorants are used, the color you choose shifts towards the existing colors in the room. It's like magic. I've been amazed to get the perfect color on the first or second choice.

Mary-Frances Cimo
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5/6/10 10:16 AM

I agree with the eggplant idea. For the stairs, I would go with a charcoal gray. It would harmonize well with all the colors and do a nice job pulling the roof into the color palette.

Mary-Frances Cimo, Color Designer

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10/19/09 10:38 PM