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Silly. lol! People can't see what his diapers look like most of the time anyways. They get covered up with clothing. ;)

Pampers Getting In On the Designer Diapers Action | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/5/10 10:36 PM

Any tips for a newborn? Our son Ralph is 4 weeks old, and HATES the bath. He screams his head off and it breaks my heart!

Ideas for a Peaceful Bathtime | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/30/10 12:26 PM

OMG... I'm 8 and a half months pregnant, and that PB and pickle sandwich is making my mouth insanely water!!! That's a preggo lady sandwich, through and through! lol

10 Ways To Hack A Peanut Butter Sandwich Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
2/23/10 05:35 PM

We just got an irmi lamp, and mobile for our nursery. I will take photos as soon as we are done putting it all together. Our "theme" for the nursery is vintage 1940s-early 1960s baby goodness, and Irmi merch is going to look so perfect in it!

The Irmi "Hey Diddle Diddle" mobile and the choo-choo train lamp we got were both purchased off of Etsy.com.

Hot or Not? Vintage Irmi | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
2/20/10 06:59 PM

These pictures are amazing! Is mommy or daddy a professional photographer? :) Love them! Happy birthday, little Ruby!

Happy Birthday Ruby | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
12/24/09 09:07 PM

Funneymonkey: the DaVinci model has a metal system instead of the plastic? Are you sure? If so, we would be willing keep ours and not buy a stationary one to replace it! Ours is still in the box, and we thought it was the cheap plastic hardware type for this drop-down, so we were afraid to use it since the recall.

If you are absolutely positive that their gliding drop-down side works on a metal hardware system, please let me know and we will open up the box containing ours, and choose to keep it! Thanks! :)

Source for Non-Drop Side Jenny Lind-Style Crib Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
12/2/09 05:41 PM

We bought a drop down jenny lind crib for our baby due in March, and we too have decided against using it. One of our local counties has already passed a law banning all sales of ANY drop-side crib, and another local county is promising to sign the same law soon. (You can read that news story here: http://wcbstv.com/local/ban.of.sale.2.1331658.html). So my husband and I have decided to just play it safe, and we figure the cost of the new crib is worth the peace of mind, for us. Especially since, when viewing the news reports on TV showing the potential dangers of drop-side cribs, various reports on different channels kept showing demos of the crib's potential dangers while using a baby doll and... you guessed it... a drop side jenny lind crib. It made us nervous. So we personally have decided to just get a new one, for our own peace of mind. But really, to each his/her own. :)

We plan to get a stationary version from Babies R Us, and then to paint it the color we want with a non-toxic paint. They sell it in white only. So if you insist on a black crib, and IF you cannot find a stationary version of the black one, this might be an option for you? Good luck! :)

Source for Non-Drop Side Jenny Lind-Style Crib Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
12/2/09 01:52 PM

Thank you for the information and tips! We are going to go for it! And now we know we need a LOT more yellow spraypaint than what we bought. Great to know. I hope our crib turns out even half as gorgeous as yours! :D Thanks again!

Nursery Tour: Norah's Sweet and Sunny Nursery | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
11/28/09 10:47 PM

Thank you so much! :D Oh wow, all this time we have been searching like mad to find curtains in that exact shade, and we even looked at Target for them, and we never thought to look at sheets! Brilliant. Thank you very much for this great idea! I am dancing a happy dance right now! Big thumbs up on your room. Love it love it love it. Thanks again for the great tip! :)

River "Sweet Pea"'s Double Duty Nursery Small Kids, Big Color Entry # 38 | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
11/13/09 11:30 AM

Thanks for the advice, Mere! That's a great idea that we had not thought of. Love it. We will do! :)

Nursery Tour: Norah's Sweet and Sunny Nursery | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
11/13/09 09:37 AM

PS: My husband and I are shocked by how many cans of spray paint you needed! We only bought 6! Why did it take so many? Why was it so hard? What have we gotten ourselves into? ACK! lol Any advice?

Nursery Tour: Norah's Sweet and Sunny Nursery | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
11/11/09 10:52 PM

My husband Steve and I are absolutely giddy and squealing right now! You see, we are due with our first baby in March, and we bought a jenny lind crib and changing table for our nursery. We decided to paint it because we didn't care for the colors it came in, and after being very indecisive about which color to paint it, we finally agreed on this exact shade of yellow. We bought a bunch of cans of a non toxic spraypaint at Home Depot just this past weekend, and we plan to paint them both that exact same shade. So imagine my surprise when I saw this tonight! I called out to Steve and he came running, and we can't believe how great it looks in that color! This was like seeing a preview of our nursery, as far as the crib goes! Thanks for the sneak peak! You did a terrific job with all of it. :)

Nursery Tour: Norah's Sweet and Sunny Nursery | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
11/11/09 10:49 PM

I'm in love with this room! Great job! Where did you get the curtains? I am looking for ones exactly like that for our nursery. We are due in March!

Once again, you did a beautiful job. :)

River "Sweet Pea"'s Double Duty Nursery Small Kids, Big Color Entry # 38 | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
11/11/09 10:41 PM

I think it looks too much like a store display. Which makes it feel, to me, very impersonal, and not something you would find in a real home. Totally not my thing. Meh.

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Inspiration: Big Toy Storage for Big Toy Collections
9/28/09 09:04 PM

What beautiful eyelashes!!! Such a stunning little girl. Awww :)

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Happy Birthday Rebeca
4/15/09 10:45 AM

WOWWW! Look at those EYELASHES!!! Those are the most beautiful eyes on a baby I have ever seen! I've never seen eyes so blue or lashes so long! Stunning. Happy Birthday little baby!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Happy Birthday Carina Emilia
4/15/09 10:38 AM

I loooooove the blue walls in that kitchen! That kitchen is stunning!

Apartment Therapy DC | A Philadelphia Rowhouse Renovation: Philadelphia Home, Winter 2009
4/8/09 05:17 PM

I love it! The tv is amazing. I'm not crazy about that panda bear can though. Pandas are so cute, but the aesthetic doesn't match the sophistication in the rest of the photo. It makes the trash can stand out in an eye-sore kind of way. Other than that, the rest of it is really beautiful! And those vintage hairpin leg stools are the most gorgeous I have ever seen.

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: Megan's Changed Outlook Teeny-tiny Division #05
4/7/09 03:58 PM

All great tips! And I love the idea of having a clock hanging over the landing strip. I hadn't thought of that. I might add one. Currently, we have a mirror hanging over ours. It's so nice to be able to look into it on our way out the door, to make sure we don't have any lettuce stuck between our teeth, or to make sure our hair isn't sticking up, etc. Sounds vain, but we use our landing strip's mirror every day before we go outside to face the world.

Apartment Therapy DC | Roundup: Products for your Landing Strip
4/2/09 02:49 PM

I support the idea of cruelty-free decor, and I applaud the quest for a tongue-in-cheek design concept. Bravo to both.

Unfortunately... I think it's ugly as sin. lol!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hot or Not: Cruelty Free Rugs by Abigail Ahern
2/9/09 11:26 AM